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Taser Turbo Charge Battery System

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Introducing the ADVANCED TASER®
NiMH Rechargeable Battery System
Save up to $8,000 in batteries*
Recharge & reuse batteries up to 1,000 times.

Improve TASER® Performance
Holds peak power for up to 100 discharges
(vs. only 10-15 for alkaline batteries)
Consistent performance in cold weather to -20º F
(alkaline batteries must be > 40º F for best results)

Charge batteries in weapon through data port, or
Charge batteries in magazine, or
Charge both at the same time
Recharge once every two weeks
Intelligent quick-charge system charges in 1 to 4 hours
* Assumes $1 per battery for standard alkaline batteries, 8 batteries per magazine, up to 1,000 battery changes.

TASER® Certified Batteries

Unlike older Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) batteries, the TASER Nickel Metal
Hydride (NiMH) batteries will never develop a memory problem. You don’t
have to worry about fully discharging batteries before recharging. In fact,
the TASER battery charger uses an intelligent microprocessor to calibrate the
batteries carefully to avoid overcharging and ensure a quick, accurate, full
charge every time. Further, TASER battery terminals are certified compliant
with the ADVANCED TASER battery magazine. CAUTION: Some other brand
NiMH batteries may have a non-conductive terminal cover that can cause
weapon failure.

Convenient Charging

You can recharge 2 ways: plugged directly into your ADVANCED TASER, or with the battery magazine placed in the charger.
In fact, you can charge two sets of batteries overnight -- one in the weapon and another set in the charger (the charger will
intelligently charge the weapon first, then the extra battery magazine). Color coded LED’s indicate when power is on, when
charging, and when charging is complete.

TASER Battery Charger
Model #44710

Set of 8 TASER Batteries
Model #44700

Includes battery charger base,
110 V power transformer (220 V
available upon request), and data
port charging cable. Compatible
with most AA NiMH Batteries.

Includes 8 NiMH batteries plus a
spare battery magazine. Batteries
rated to 1500 mAh at 1.2 V.
Terminals are carefully specified
to ensure compatibility with

Complete Rechargeable
TASER Battery System
Model #44705
Includes 8 NiMH batteries, spare
battery magazine, charger, power
transformer and data port charging

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