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Taser Wyoming Mi Pr 2003

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Douglas L - . Jr.


Kevil J. Green

Officers oftbe Wyoming Police Department were able to utilize newly
authorized equipment to prevent a justifiable law enforcement shooting.
The officer involved is part of a tcst and evaluation of the M-26 TASER, a
less than lethal wcapon system and the officer was certified to use the M-26



Dawn E. Wdlmam

Curtis Holt

On Saturday, March 15 officers were sent to a residence on a complaint of
an unwanted guest. Upon making contact at the residence the suspect
turned and faced the officer holding five knives in his right hand. The
suspect. who was approximately eight feet away from the officers, turned
toward the officers in a threatening manner. The officers gave several
verbal commands to drop the knifes. As the suspect would not comply and
continued to threaten the safety of the officers. the officer. a certified Taser
instructor. fired the Taser, which brought the suspect under control without
further incident. It was learned later in the investigation that the suspect
had told others present that they would see the police kill him tonight.
After being taken into custody the suspect thanked the officers for not
killing him. A "death by cop" suicide was prevented.
The suspect was lodged at the Kent County Correctional Facility on a
misdemeanor charge and outstanding warrants.
The Taser became legal for Law Enforcement use in Michigan on
December 30, 2002. For additional information on the TASER please visit

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Edward P. Edwardson, Chief of Police

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