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Directory of Federal Prisons: The Unofficial Guide to Bureau of Prisons Institutions


The Directory of Federal Prisons is the most comprehensive guidebook to Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities on the market. Not simply a directory of information about each facility, this book delves into the shadowy world of American federal prisoners and their experiences at each prison, whether governmental or private.What sets the Directory of Federal Prisons apart from other prison guidebooks is the first-hand validation of information. Most prison directories provide basic information that is publicly available (e.g., security level, population number, location, etc.). This book is different.While basic data is included, hundreds of current federal inmates have been surveyed and interviewed in order to ascertain the culture of each institution. This enables the Directory of Federal Prisons to provide information such as the level of violence; whether sex offenders, informants, or LGBT inmates can walk the yard; the status of prison politics and organized gangs; and what prisoners believe is good and bad about each facility. This intelligence is much more important to understanding each prison and the experience therein than basic directory types of information.The Directory of Federal Prisons also includes a detailed discussion of the custody and classification system used by the Bureau of Prisons. This system determines how inmates are scored for security level and prison placement. Readers can use real Bureau of Prisons' case management forms to ascertain an actual security score, thereby taking the guesswork out of security levels, housing determinations, prison transfers, and how Public Safety Factors and Management Variables impact placement decisions. This is knowledge that only seasoned case managers tend to have.In each facility profile, you will learn:-Basic data such as the sex of the inmate population, security level, and medical and mental health care levels.-Physical location and inmate mailing address.-Educational, psychological, vocational, and recreation programs available.-Notable incidents reported by the media (e.g., arrests, riots, significant fights, escapes, etc.).-Reviews by inmates currently at each facility, including information about violence, prison politics, who can walk each yard, and more.-And much more!No one wants to spend time in a federal prison, but if you or a loved one must go, finding quality, reliable information about life on the inside is essential to a safe and productive stay. The Directory of Federal Prisons builds off the award-winning and bestselling Federal Prison Handbook's reputation as the leading federal prison survival guide. Not only will readers be able to understand all facets of prison life and how to remain safe, they will also be able to evaluate each federal prison and its offerings, know if it is safe to walk the yard, and better evaluate and understand transfer options so that they can make the right prison placement decisions the first time.