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How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim


Joseph Matthews, Attorney

419 pages. October 2018, 10th Edition.


Know your rights! Find out how to make the best case for yourself and win your personal injury claim.

Dealing with insurance companies and lawyers when filing a personal injury claim can feel like another accident is in the offing. But you can handle a claim yourself -- and save hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim shows you how to handle almost every accident situation, and guides you through the insurance claim process, step by step. Learn how to:

* Protect your rights after an accident
* Determine what your claim is worth
* Handle a property-damage claim
* Deal with uncooperative doctors, lawyers and insurance companies
* Counter the special tactics insurance companies use
* Prepare a claim for compensation
* Negotiate a full and fair settlement
* Stay on top of your case if you hire a lawyer

The completely updated 7th edition of How to Win Your Personal Injury Claim provides your state's most recent laws, small-claims court limits and Department of Insurance contact information. Plus, you'll find an all-new chart explaining your state's in-car text and cell phone laws.

ISBN-10: 9781413317169
ISBN-13: 978-1413317169