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Represent Yourself in Court: How to Prepare & Try a Winning Case


584 pages. Attys. Paul Bergman & Sara Berman.
Nolo (10th Edition, 2019).

Breaks down the trial process in easy-to-understand steps so you can effectively represent yourself in court. The authors explain what to say, in court, how to say it, where to stand, etc.

From The Publisher:

For people dealing with a personal injury claim, a landlord-tenant dispute, a small business disagreement or any of the dozens of other possible legal muddles, this book points the way through the complexities of the court system. It shows how to analyze the legitimacy of a case, make an opening statement, line up persuasive witnesses, present testimony in court, cross-examine opponents and even pick a jury.

Includes a chapter dealing with the specifics of handling a divorce, child custody or child support action.


From Library Journal

The nuts and bolts of self-representation in court are presented in this detailed, sensible book. The authors describe the legal process from the investigation of the case through the collection of a judgment, with an emphasis on what happens in the courtroom. Bergman and Berman-Barrett share the procedures and methods a lay person needs to survive in an environment that is not necessarily friendly to non-attorneys. Understanding that in the law the devil is in the details, they take pains to avoid oversimplification, and they do an equally good job of illuminating concepts like burden of proof and procedures like marking and identifying exhibits. The authors highlight important information with icons that alert the reader to a practical suggestion, warn of a potential problem, or refer to other resources on the subject. Highly recommended for even modest legal self-help collections, including those that already own Robert Schachner's How and When To Be Your Own Lawyer (LJ 3/1/ 93).-Joan Pedzich, Harris, Beach & Wilcox, Rochester, N.Y

ISBN-10: 1413326611
ISBN-13: 978-1413326611