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Webster's Spanish-English English-Spanish Dictionary


Paperback: 694 pages.
Publisher: Random House.

From the publisher:

Now in a revised and updated second edition, Random House's best-selling bilingual dictionary is ideal for students, business people and travelers. Pronunciations are shown for Spanish and English, with detailed guides to the pronunciation of both languages. It provides International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) pronunciations for Spanish and English, through coverage of general and specialized vocabulary, and many new words and meanings, such as movil/celular (cellular phone), buscapersonas/bip (pager), biodiversidad (biodiversity), ciberspacio (cyberspace) and hoja doe calculo (spreadsheet).

This comprehensive and easy-to-use reference includes:
Over 145,000 definitions of words and phrases
European and Western Hemisphere Spanish
Guides to pronunciation of Spanish and English
American English spelling and vocabulary
The most current Spanish spellings, reflecting the alphabetization rules of the Spanish language academics

Written by David L. Gold

ISBN-10: 0375721967
ISBN-13: 978-0375721960