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Capital Punishment

By Laurance Boulton, Gatesville, TX

The thought of knowing one's death is drawing near, especially your own, is a portrait of terror. Although refined to a system of rules and legally sanctioned methods, executing a human being in nonetheless murder! No longer is a man or woman "burnt at the stake" or "drawn and quartered," but in our civilized world we may still be shot by firing squad, hung by the neck, electrocuted, gassed or subjected to the latest modification of lethal injection, as a more humane and expedient form of execution.

What is humane about any execution?

Recently Jessie Tafero was put to death by electrocution in Florida. Due to "flames" rising six inches above his masked face and head, the execution was interrupted to ascertain the reason for the flames. Florida DOC officials stated a "wet sponge" on Tafero's head caught fire!

Regardless of one's crime or offense, to be executed is to be murdered. No amount of sanction or legislation can withstand the scrutiny of the Lord on judgment day. Murder is morally wrong. All life is precious.

Governors, presidents, kings or queens, each become a murderer upon affixing their signature on a death warrant. Then, while cloaked under a banner of justice, they excuse and reward themselves.

Ultimately, with each execution carried out, a new set of victims are created: the family and friends of the executed! What can be said to a mother, a wife, a child, if the person executed is later exonerated of the offense for which they were put to death?

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