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Hungerstrike in Spain

Since November 30, 1989, 42 political prisoners in Spain, mainly members of GRAPO (October 1st Revolutionary Anti-Fascist Groups) have been on hunger strikes demanding their release from isolation and control units and an end to the campaign of repression against them, which includes dispersion through the Spanish State, beatings, psychological torture, etc. 30 of the prisoners are now in critical condition because of the strike and their lives are in danger.

GRAPO prisoners are in prison for acts of armed resistance to the so-called social democratic state and the preceding Franco dictatorship. Inside prison these guerrillas have maintained a collective life, gained through a 1981 hunger strike that left one GRAPO member dead. The Spanish State has been slowly taking away these gains with transfers and isolation tactics. Last fall the GRAPO prisoners responded with a hunger strike to which the government quickly gave in to. After the recent elections in Spain however, they reneged on their agreement and started their campaign of harassment and isolation over again. The hunger strike resumed.

As a result of the serious health conditions of the prisoners the state has responded by force-feeding the prisoners. However they aren't being fed enough to keep them conscious, only barely alive. It is feared many will die a slow prolonged death as a result of this treatment. The demands are an end to the repression and dispersal of prisoners and to the force-feeding.

Demonstrations in support of the prisoners have been held in Toronto with some 30 people demonstrating and handing out flyers (sponsored by Toronto ABC and other prisoners support groups). Demonstrations have also been held at the Spanish consulate in New York City and the Spanish Embassy in Washington D.C. In Spain the media blockade is almost total, but demonstrations and other actions have been held, including three policemen killed.

The Spanish State is renowned for the 8,000 political prisoners it has and the brutal treatment they receive. We want to sop the crimes being committed by the Spanish prisoncrats and their lackeys. Write to the Spanish embassy, organize protests against Spanish government facilities, airlines, etc. or write the below address protesting these injustices and that the government meet the GRAPO demands.

Write to:

Antonio Asuncion,
Dirreccion General de Instituciones Penitenciarias
Ministerio de Justicia
Calle San Bernardo
4728015 Madrid Spain

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