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Letter from Germany

Letter From Germany

I can't understand why these pigs have no courage to oblige their own masters to share the lot with them, instead harassing prisoners. I've read also the story about the T-shirt that the pigs didn't want to give to Paul. Pigs are like little children who fear a punishment after small error...It is in fact good to organize the "social" prisoners although I myself can't see any difference between kidnapped or captured (political or social) human beings. We were supporting some German PP's during their hunger strike in 1989. These RAF prisoners are betraying now each other for personal gain. The self-consciousness is the most important thing that a human being has to realize no matter if he has been kidnapped of not. Consciousness can in jail be developed only through self education. First, prisoners have to refuse any form of cooperation or treason with their kidnappers. No matter how long the kidnapping takes. Some not-kidnapped people have more difficulties than many prisoners. Prisons are fascist institutions in which the ruling classes legalize slavery and destroy their enemies. The so-called "social prisoners" are those who face slavery and must therefore fight against their enslavement. The so-called political prisoners forget mostly that prisons are a part of the repression that the state puts into the hands of its henchmen. Prisons are used to criminalize poverty, underemployment, unemployment, etc. Every unemployed citizen may be enslaved and exploited (or destroyed) in prisons. The struggle for the destruction of all prisons is therefore an important contribution to the anti-fascist, anticapitalist and anti-imperialist struggle that revolutionary people are waging every day. Prisons are the dead line between the ruling classes and the underprivileged. The ruling classes protect themselves and their criminal activities through the imprisonment of the underprivileged classes and all those who fight for the right and dignity.

Solidarity and sincerity are our weapons against forces of evil and death.

Power, Love, and Solidarity.

D. D., West Germany

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