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From The Editor

By Paul Wright

Welcome to another issue of PLN. We received a lot of letters from readers inquiring about the late delivery of their March, April and May issues. That was due to delays in the desktop publishing which delayed the March issue. The move to the east coast also compounded this as we had to get new postal permits which took a little longer than expected. Our move to the east coast has been finalized and all the problems associated with lining up an inexpensive printer, postal permits and volunteers appear to be resolved. Readers complained about the low quality of the March and April issues so we have switched to a new printer who has better quality control and is still cheaper than Seattle area printers.

With this issue of PLN we should be back on schedule of getting each issue into the mail by the end of the preceeding month. Thank you for bearing with us on this transition. Now for the good news. Last month's issue of PLN had 20 pages as a special anniversary issue. It turns out that it costs us a little less to print a 20 page issue of PLN in New York than it cost us to print a 16 page issue in Seattle. We have a large backlog of material so we are taking advantage of this to increase PLN's size to 20 pages. So there is more of us to read. We rely on reader's financial support to publish and basically, the more money we get the more magazine you get. So please encourage others to subscribe and if you can afford a little extra as a donation please donate generously, about a third of our readership is in long term control units or death row and unable to donate at all.

With this issue we will be sending out large numbers of PLN to public defenders and attorneys. We would like to increase our readership among the legal community. By establishing a base of institutional susbcribers we can do more outreach to prisoners and their family members who are not conveniently listed in any directories. With the growing prison population it is also important that the legal community be aware of what is happening both in prisons and the court challenges to prison conditions.

We frequently get letters from readers with inquiries. If you write and expect an answer please include an SASE, postage or stamped card, this cuts down on our postage costs and makes a reply easier. If you missed an issue of PLN due to a move or transfer please send a few stamps to cover the postage if you want a replacement. The post office charges us between 35 and 52 cents for each issue it returns. Because we mail via third class mail the post office does not forward copies. So keep us posted of any address changes 30 to 60 days in advance if possible.

PLN is also seeking a new, used or refurbished 386 or higher computer and monitor in order to assist in various PLN related tasks. If any reader has, or knows someone who has one available for donation please contact me. Any donations of this type are tax deductible for those who pay taxes.

Enjoy this issue of PLN and share it with others. Please let others know about us and encourage them to subscribe. Remember that we can send you bulk copies of PLN for distribution to potential readers, at events, gatherings, etc.

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