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Speeding Cop Loses Job

A New York police officer, Steven Schwartz, liked life in the fast lane. His personalized license plate read "MY T QUICK". Schwartz was also "MY T DEADLY". While responding to a police call m 1987, Schwartz struck and killed a pedestrian in a crosswalk when he ran a red light at more than 45 mph. Thirteen months later he was fined $500 for reckless driving after weaving through traffic at more than 100 mph in his own car. Nine days later he struck and killed another pedestrian white driving to work. Witnesses said that he was speeding and that afterward he showed his badge to bystanders and said, "You didn't see anything."

He was never charged in the deaths and no departmental charges were brought against him. The department, however, did send undercover officers to watch him. One day they saw him run three red lights in his own car. On another day he was observed running two red lights. In April 1989, formal departmental charges were brought against him, and he was docked 10 vacation days. In September 199û, he was stopped on the Staten Island Expressway for going over lû0 mph. Two days later he was stopped on the same road for going 124 mph. New departmental charges were brought against him, and this time he was fired. Source: Associated Press [Editor's Note: This story has little to do with prison news. It was simply too ironic to pass up.]

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