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News in Brief

Ohio: On July 10, 1995, Lonnie Stuckey, 35, a former prison guard at the Ohio Reformatory for Women was convicted on six counts of sexual battery for having sex with female prisoners in his care. At his trial Stuckey claimed he had a consensual sexual relationship with a prisoner for four months. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

Russia: On July 7, 1995, two prisoners in the Altai territory of Siberia were charged with cooking and eating a fellow prisoner. The defendants, identified only as Gluzov and Maslich, are accused of strangling a 28 year old prisoner, cutting up his body, cooking parts of it over a fire made from a prison blanket and eating it. If convicted of the cannibalism charges the defendants face the death penalty.

GA: Charles Harrelson, 56, convicted hitman father of actor Woody Harrelson, and Gary Settle and Michael Rivers surrendered to guards at the US Penitentiary in Atlanta after a failed escape attempt. The prisoners tried to escape from the prison by climbing over a wall, they surrendered after guards fired a warning shot at them.

CA: On April 30, 1995, fourteen prisoners at the Los Angeles jail in Castaic escaped through a large hole in the ceiling of a 96 man cell. Jail guards charged with monitoring the cell were distracted by a fight in an adjacent cell. Ten of the escapees were recaptured in a matter of hours after an intense manhunt.

Brazil: On June 20, 1995, a riot broke out in the Hortolandia prison, near Sao Paulo. The riot started when prison guards began searching cells for weapons and the prisoners opened fire on them. At least six people died in the fighting, including the warden and a guard on his first day at work. More than 200 riot police stormed the prison and regained control on June 22, 1995.

PA: State attorney general Ernie Preate pleaded guilty in federal court on June 13, 1995, to charges of mail fraud. Preate admitted in court that he filed fraudulent campaign finance reports with the state in order to conceal illegal contributions from video poker operators. As part of the plea bargain Preate agreed to resign from office on June 23, 1995. Preate is a Republican.

FL: Citing an increase in prisoner attacks on guards at the Martin Correctional Institution prison officials in April, 1995, introduced armed guards within the prison's security compound to suppress prisoners. The prison warden, Tom Crews, said he was talking to his staff to learn a reason for the increase in attacks. Crews said one reason for the increase was the number of prisoners serving longer sentences at MCI since prisoner gain time and early release time was reduced last year. MCI prisoner Michael Costello, a noted jailhouse lawyer, filed suit blaming the increased hostility at MCI on a reduction in prisoner privileges. Costello said the introduction of shotgun wielding guards to the prison was an overreaction to an April 14, 1995, protest by prisoners.

MA: Henry Marshall the 3rd, a former biker from Boston, was released early from the MA prison system at the FBI's request in order to serve as an informant. While in Washington state as a snitch he murdered Denis Griswold in Tacoma during a robbery. Griswold's widow filed a wrongful death suit in Boston on May 25, 1995, against the FBI for $5 million and the state parole board for $100,000 for releasing Marshall knowing he was dangerous, with over 23 prior convictions including two for attempted murder. Another case of a snitch gone bad.

WA: Island County District Judge Merle Wilcox has been accused by the state Commission on Judicial conduct of sexually molesting minors, assaulting his wife, fixing traffic tickets and acting inappropriately in court. Wilcox has been a district judge since 1982.

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