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Electronic Guards of the Future?

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) is conducting a pilot program at the Cook Unit. If they like the results, ADC will implement the program state-wide.

I am sure you are familiar with these electronic ankle bracelets that people on home arrest are required to wear? [Editor's Note: Yes. They are heavily advertised in Corrections Today magazine] That's right. They are going to have every prisoner in that 800-bed unit wearing one of these bracelets 24/7.

James Ricketts, who was the ADC director prior to Sam Lewis, is the president or something of this [ankle bracelet] company. The company is giving ADC enough sensors and bracelets for Cook Unit. Thereafter, ADC will have to buy everything for the rest of the units in the state. [Just like crack dealers. The first dose is always free]

Sensors have been installed throughout Cook Unit. These sensors emit some kind of pulse every 15-20 seconds which locates each bracelet on the yard to within two feet. Anytime they want, ADC can play back the tapes and know exactly who was within two feet of anything that goes down. Anytime. Anywhere.

The guards will be equipped with a panic button, and also, if the guard ever lays horizontal an alarm goes off identifying the guard and his location. Welcome to the future!

- B.S., Arizona

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