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Reaching the Breaking Point

A guy was mad over having his letter rejected because his girlfriend said something [in the letter] about sex. He was also tired of being lied to about getting out of IMU [Intensive Management Unit, Washington state's version of a 23/7 Control Unit].

So last week [just before Thanksgiving] he goes to the shower, breaks the lights out in the shower, breaks the door down somehow, and gets out on the tier where he commences to break lights, cell door windows, and [pries] door frames apart using a metal bar he tore off the shower.

After this, he goes upstairs, stands on the railing, and breaks a hole in the false ceiling. Once he's done, he climbs up into the ceiling, breaks through the wall separating B-tier from A-tier, and breaks another hole into the false ceiling over there.

Once he drops through [the hole in the ceiling] on A-tier, he proceeds to bust things up over there as well. He passed the metal] bar into different cells so they could do the same.

By this time there's a squad of 20 to 30 guards in front of A- and B-tier, fully equipped with electric shields, clubs, gas masks, tear gas guns, and a rubber bullet gun.

When they make the move to go in on him, he climbs back into the ceiling, goes over to C-tier, and breaks a hole in the false ceiling over there. Seeing this, the [goon] squad moves to C-tier, guns and all. So he goes [through the ceiling] to the law library area and does the same thing over there.

After this, he breaks up water pipes in the ceiling. So now we've got water raining down onto the tier. This went on for about four hours.

Finally the guards got tired of waving guns around. So they went to A-tier and fired into the ceiling with rubber bullets and tear gas. About 30 minutes later, he decides to give up.

-- M.L., Shelton, WA

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