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From the Editor

Starting with last month's issue of PLN we have expanded the number of books we offer for direct sale. This month we have added some more titles. As funds become available we hope to expand our list of titles further. For years PLN has received inquiries from readers asking us where they could obtain some of the books we review as well as afford able books on prison and law related topics.

Part of PLN's mission has always been public education around prison conditions, political prisoners, policies of mass imprisonment, raising political awareness around criminal justice issues and assisting prisoners in asserting their legal, political and human rights. PLN's magazine format limits what we can do in all these areas. While a magazine format is fine for news and analysis of current events, many complex topics literally require book length exposition to make their point.

For the past several months I have been selecting titles that will be of interest and use to PLN readers. The process has been far from easy. Many excellent titles are out of print. Others are in print but the publishers are unwilling to sell them to PLN and we can't locate a distributor for the title. We have been working with several book distributors in order to bring you the current selection. We are working on more titles which we will offer when we get the money. If you have any suggestions on titles you would like to see PLN offer let us know what they are.

Let others know about our growing selection of books. Most of the titles offer either radical critiques of the criminal justice system or simply lay out how the system really works. They provide a look at the "big picture" that few others do. If you've ever wondered what the deal is behind the war on drugs or why the U.S. imprisons more of its citizens than any other country in the world, we can tell you why. Most of the books offered have been previously reviewed in PLN. All are high quality, new, texts that due to their specialized subject matter are not always readily available in stores. As always, PLN accepts payment with new postage stamps and embossed envelopes as well as cash, checks and money orders.

In the not so great news department, PLN was recently sued by Kansas prisoner Jeffrey Sperry at the Lansing Correctional Facility in Lansing. Sperry isn't a subscriber but he has sued PLN and one of our advertisers claiming he was unhappy with a product he purchased. PLN is in no way legally responsible for the services or products offered by our advertisers. However, as a practical matter, we have never accepted advertising from businesses we did not feel were reputable, above board and offering good products and services at reasonable prices. We still don't. In the meantime, PLN is defending against Sperry's suit.

As always, we are working on expanding our circulation. Our goal is to have more than 3,000 subscribers by the end of the year. You can help us reach this goal by letting others know about PLN and encouraging them to subscribe. To distribute PLN samples at your meetings or events, just send us $7 and a mailing label and we will send you a bundle of 20 PLNs. Enjoy this issue and pass it along to others.

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