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From the Editor

Greetings and welcome to a new year of PLN . Our longevity is a proud accomplishment and one that would not be possible without the continuing support of you our readers. I thank each of you who responded to PLN 's recent fundraiser mailing.

If you have yet to mail your donation to PLN , please do it as soon as you are able. No amount is too small. Prisoners can donate postage stamps. As a matter of fact I have you been wondering what to do with those outdated 32¢ stamps? (First Class letters will soon cost 33¢ to mail in the U.S.) Here's an idea: go out and get yourself some brand new 33¢ stamps; bundle up those 32¢ stamps and mail them to PLN . We cn also used embossed envelopes if stamps aren't allowed at your prison.

There was a typo in the News in Brief on page 7 of the November PLN. The item datelined "MT" (Montana) about a prisoner stabbing a guard should have been datelined "MI" (Michigan). That error somehow slipped by PLN 's editors. We're not perfect.

This issue features PLN 's annual index, a resource that transforms PLN back issues from "last year's news" into a valuable resource for the serious lawyer/scholar/researcher.

One last note about the fundraiser: When you mail your donation to PLN , be sure to add a little "Thank You" note addressed to our office staff, Fred Markham. You wouldn't believe the long hours, sweat, tireless labor, and excellent service Fred dedicates to the operation of PLN . He deserves a LOT of credit, praise, atta-boyz, gratitude, and respect. But more than that, he deserves his full (albeit TINY) salary; in months when PLN 's income is low, Fred draws less than his full salary. Personally, I hope he doesn't have to do that this year. You can help. And I have faith in you. If you CAN help, you will. That's what it's all about.

Enjoy this issue, pass it along, and encourage others to subscribe. And, again, I thank all of you for your donations and continued support.

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