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Washington Parole Officer Blown Up

On January 26, 1999, Tom Perrine, a Community Corrections Officer (AKA parole officer), for the Washington Department of Corrections, was blown up by a trip wire bomb planted in the carport of his Montesano home. Perrine was leaving for work when he saw a bag on the floor of his carport. When he picked the bag up, it exploded.

Perrine was seriously injured by the blast and shrapnel. He was hospitalized for three weeks as doctors removed shrapnel, repaired his shattered right leg and rebuilt a damaged tear duct in his right eye. Perrine lost part of his right forefinger and may have suffered permanent vision loss.

Police have arrested three suspects in connection with the bombing. According to prosecutors, an unidentified man in police custody admitted supplying the bomb materials to Gary Davis, who built the bomb and planted it in Perrine's carport the night before the explosion. Davis was allegedly driven to Perrine's home to plant the bomb by his girlfriend, Sharon Davidson. Davis and Davidson were arrested on February 4, 1999, and charged with arson and attempted first degree murder.

The unidentified man, who is cooperating with police, was on parole and under Perrine's supervision at the time of the attack. Perrine later said be was preparing to return the man to prison for violating his parole conditions by not reporting to Perrine since November, 1998. The unidentified man is quoted by the media as telling police he then talked Davis into making and planting the bomb. The man had been imprisoned and was on parole for drug charges.

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