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From the Editor

Welcome to the ninth anniversary issue of PLN . Many people, supporters and detractors alike, are amazed by PLN 's longevity. We're not amazed. We're proud, not to mention weary. It takes an incredible amount of commitment and hard work to keep PLN going.

A lot of the commitment comes from you, our readers, especially those of you who stick with us for the long haul and reaffirm your commitment with an annual renewal donation. To that core of dedicated PLN subscribers, I offer my most sincere thank you.

Of course, it all starts with you subscribers. But in order to serve you each month, it takes an INCREDIBLE amount of work from PLN 's editors, staff, and a-dedicated core of volunteers. I would like to thank Fred, Matt, Rollin, Sandy, Jimmy, Ellen, Curtis, Dan A. and Dan T., Daniel, Wes, George, A.C., and Lorna.

Appreciation is also due to Walter and the gang at Prompt Printing who have always been there for us, gone the extra mile, and done it with a smile. I would also like to thank a number of attorneys who have assisted PLN , including Bob Cumbow, Mickey Gendler, John Midgley, Dan Marville, Leonard Schrooter, Marc Blackman, Joe Bringman, Alison hardy, Bob Kaplan, Brian Barnard and the WA ACLU.

Praise is also due to PLN 's growing cadre of writers whose commitment to excellence contributes greatly to the critical acclaim garnered by PLN .

Editing PLN has become more challenging over the years. Until 1995, Paul and I lived in adjoining cells. In 1995 I was transferred to another prison. So we learned to co-edit by communicating daily through the mail.

As of January of this year, Paul and I are no longer allowed to correspond (with each other or with any other prisoners). We are learning how to co-edit with that handicap. It's not easy. But we'll adjust. Whatever it takes.

In the meantime we're bound to experience some bumps and spills. One example was evident by the increased number of typos in the March PLN . On page 13 one headline spoke of the "PLRA 113 Strikes" provision, when it should have read "PLRA 3 Strikes". We apologize for that (and many other) typos in the March issue. We are working on ways to improve the proofreading process (I used to proofread an issue and mail it to Paul who then proofed Dan's proofreading.)

PLN is still working to develop a comprehensive Internet research website. Negotiations with a number of website providers have stalled. We continue to seek established web developers do the site for us, or the human and financial resources for PLN to do the site alone. In any case, it is a project we are committed to, and hopefully by PLN 's tenth anniversary issue the research site will be up and running (or at least under construction). In the meantime, you can check out our current web site at www.prison where you will find an impressive number of links to other prison/DOC web resources.

That's all for this month. As always, enjoy this issue and pass it along to a friend. Use the enclosed subscription renewal card to take advantage of PLN 's special two-year renewal offer (28 months for the price of 24). Or use the renewal card to purchase a gift subscription for a friend or colleague. Or mail the renewal card to a correspondent or loved one and urge them to subscribe. We're counting on you to help PLN grow. I know you'll do your part. And I thank you.

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