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Former Illinois Death Row Prisoners Malicious Prosecution Claim Rejected

Former Illinois Death Row Prisoners Malicious
Prosecution Claim Rejected

A Chicago jury has rejected former death row prisoner Anthony Porters claim that Chicago police conspired to frame him for a double murder he did not commit. Porter was sentenced to death for the 1982 murders of Jerry Hillard and Marilyn Green. In 1999, Porter was freed after proving his innocence.

For his 16 years on death row, the State of Illinois gave him a restitution check of $145,875 in 2000. In March, 2000, Porter filed a $24 million lawsuit against the detectives, arguing they forced a witness to identify him as the killer, they ignored information that would have led to the real killer, and they dismissed evidence showing he wasnt in the park when the shootings occurred.

The jury held the detectives were not malicious and had reason to focus on him as a suspect. Porters loss is a bitter pill for someone, who came within 50 hours and 22 minutes from a lethal injection, to swallow. The states restitution check is negligible for spending 16 years on death row.
Chicagos attorney, Walter Jones, declared the jurys verdict was correct. The killer has been sitting in that room right there all day, pointing to Porters seat during the trial. The actual, now convicted killer, however, is sitting in prison after giving a confession to a group of Northwestern students, which resulted in Porters release.

Porter is now considering a defamation suit against the city lawyer.

Source: Associated Press

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