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News in Brief:

Arkansas: On July 9, 2006, Rebecca Daniel, the former commissary manager at the Miller county jail was charged with sexually assaulting a male prisoner and giving him chewing tobacco. Prosecutors claim Daniel had sex with the prisoner in the back of the commissary and plied him with movies, food and tobacco.

Belgium: On September 24, 2006, an unidentified 25 year old prisoner died in jail custody. On the 26th at least 100 North African youths rioted to protest jail conditions and torched stores, police cars and a youth center. At least 30 protestors were arrested.

Indiana: On September 28, 200 state Department of Corrections officials announced they had fired two guards and were investigating how Wabash Valley Correctional Facility prisoner Anthony Stockelman, 39, wound up with the words Katies Revenge tattooed on his forehead. Stockelman had been convicted of raping and murdering 10 year old Katln Katie Collman in 2005. Pictures of Stockelman and the tattoo have since made it online. He is now in protective custody.

Louisiana: On September 21, 2006, Union Parish jail guards James Webb, 23, and Nicholas Wilson, 21, were charged with smuggling an ounce of marijuana into the jail to give to prisoner Percy Franklin who is also charged with marijuana possession.

Missouri: On September 19, 2006, the Ste. Genevieve county jail reported that an unspecified number of prisoners had staph infections and had been quarantined and treated.

New Jersey: On July 26, 2006, Timberly Gamache, 35, a federal guard at the Federal Correctional Center in Ft. Dix was arrested and charged with providing tobacco and cell phones to Hassan Thomas, a prisoner convicted of drug crimes at the prison. Prison officials set up a sting using a prisoner informant to buy two pounds of tobacco from Gamache for $1,483.00. Gamache later charged the informant $2,800 for a pound of tobacco and a cellphone. Thomas and Gamache are both charged with conspiracy.

New York: On July 9, 2006, Marlon Clay, 35, a prisoner at the Erie County Correctional Facility in Alden choked to death in the jail visiting room while attempting to swallow two bags of tobacco given to him by Lisa Howard, a visitor. Howard was arrested and charged with promoting prison contraband.

New York: On September 20, 2006, Donald Keegan, 36, a Long Island landscaper employed by Suffolk County, was charged in Suffolk county supreme court with planning to murder four convicted sex offenders living near his home by setting their home on fire. An undercover cop befriended Keegan who told him, on audio and video tape, that he was planning to murder the sex offenders. In his conversations with police Keegan also expressed his dislike for Blacks, Native Americans and welfare recipients. The sex offenders were also booted from their residence by police who claimed it was too close to a school.

Oklahoma: On July 25, 2006, the Cornell Corrections operated Great Plains Correctional Facility in Hinton was placed on lockdown after a fight between 25-30 prisoners left five prisoners injured.

Oregon: On September 20, 2006, state police arrested James Price, 34, a guard at the state women's prison in Wilsonville on charges of raping at least one woman prisoner at the facility.

Virginia: On July 25, 2006, former Department of Corrections Lieutenant Bobby Brown, 56, was sentenced to six months in jail after of having consensual sex with Sheron Montrey while she was a prisoner at the jail and impregnating her.

Wisconsin: On September 19, 2006, Eric Hunt, a guard at the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility in Boscobel was charged in Grant County with hitting and abusing prisoner Jorel Norwood while Norwood was handcuffed.

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