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Colorado Prisoners Caging Prisoners

Colorado State Penitentiary II (CSP-IT) is slated for construction in early 2007. It will hold the state?s most dangerous prisoners locked down for 23 hours per day. Ironically, the 948 pre-fab cells will be built by prisoners in the Freemont prison facility located about a mile down the road.

Andy Klinkerman, Correctional Industries manager, says, ?Because there are no steel cell manufacturers in the region ? They are all back East ? we (Colorado Department of Corrections) will have substantial savings by making our own cells for the new prison.?

Freemont?s prison metal shop has been refurbished to tackle their latest project. The most notable addition is an enormous powder coat paint oven capable of holding an entire cell.

The metal shop has also employed 40 more prisoners increasing their total workforce to 100 men. Incentives for prisoners to cage their colleagues include vocational welding certificates, safety training and $85 per month.

?That may not sound like much money but an inmate can live like a king on $85 a month,? says Klinkerman.

Prisoners have already begun to fabricate the 948 cells. Klinkerman estimates that once construction begins builders will be able to set up to 200 cells per week.

Assembly of the cells will require the assistance of an overhead crane. Once the cells are put in place a separate contractor will install the electronic doors.

Metalshop prisoners will build all of the assembly jigs necessary to assemble the cells. Each cell will be 80-square-feet, with steel walls and weigh 7,000 pounds. They will be outfitted with a table, stool, bunk, shelf and audio-visual cabinet.
Just add one warm body.

Source: The Pueblo Chieftan

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