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Jail Chaplains Scrutinized for Affairs with Female Prisoners

Two county jail chaplains in different states are being accused by female prisoners of seeking sex from them while in custody.

When she was held in Indiana?s Morgan County Jail, Susan L. Robbins, 38, was involved in the jail?s GED program. That program was started by the jail?s chaplain, Homer Henderson, who also was the chaplain for the Indiana State Police.

Henderson would escort prisoners from the jail to Mooresville High School to have GED tests administered. On February 17, 2006, Henderson escorted Robbins and another female prisoner for test administration. When Robbins finished first, she began talking to Henderson while waiting for the other prisoner.

Henderson ?then suggested that Robbins could use the phone at the high school or furthermore, (she) could see her boyfriend.? She would, however, ?have to do him a favor.? The favor? Oral sex. They then went to a teacher?s lounge where Robbins performed that favor. Afterwards, she was given an hour to go with her boyfriend and two cousins to a Taco Bell.

The next day, Henderson told Robbins that ?the same deal that was in effect yesterday would be good today.? Henderson then fondled her, and Robbins agreed to perform sexual favors after she used the restroom.
Instead she escaped from custody. After being captured in July 2006, Robbins filed a tort claim with the Morgan County Commissioners. She alleged she experienced nightmares and psychological problems, and required medication and therapy because of the incident. She also sued the jail for keeping her in an area that was being sandblasted.

Robbins? lawsuit seeks $300,000 plus costs from Henderson and the County. Meanwhile, Henderson resigned from both of the chaplain positions he held.

The second case arose in Pinellas County, Florida. Prisoner Kathleen Bonow, 41, a convicted prostitute, claimed in an interview with WTSP-TV that she had a three-year affair with the Pinellas County Jail?s Chaplain, Paul Pierce.

?I really loved him, I really believe in him, and I really believe his love for me,? said Bonow. ?He?s the chaplain of the jail. I always thought he would be there for me. It turned into he wanted sex and I didn?t know how to say no, I didn?t want to lose his love.?

Bonow?s hope of love and marriage with Pierce unraveled after she became pregnant. Pierce told her to ?get rid of it.? ?It crushed me. It devastated me when he told me about getting an abortion and I saw what kind of monster he could be,? said Bonow, who was 8 months pregnant when interviewed. She refused to identify the father, but said she and Pierce always used protection when having sex.

Pierce resigned from his position at the Pinellas County Jail in October 2006; since he was no longer a county employee, the internal investigation into his alleged misconduct was closed. He was also placed on leave at his volunteer position as chaplain with the Largo Fire Department.

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