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Exonerated Florida Man Receives $1.25 Million

Exonerated Florida Man Receives $1.25 Million

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist signed an executive order on May 6, 2008, that awards Alan Crotzer $1.25 million for the 24 years he spent in prison for a rape and kidnapping conviction he did not commit. Crotzer was released in 2006 after DNA evidence exonerated him.

The order provides a $250,000 lump sum award. Crotzer will then receive monthly payments of $6,700 for the next 20 years. He will also receive a 4-year college tuition scholarship. Corotzer plans to major in social sciences.

“Freedom is priceless… money can never ever replace freedom in any way in the world, so my freedom is everything and money is just a tool to rebuild my life,” said Cortzer. “It’s a good feeling for me because I know that I’m giving hope and not only to the inmates, but also the families to see me because God did bless me. He’s been working with me continuously to do so and it gives them hope, and that’s a good thing because in (prison) you have nothing.”

Crotzer said he is going to continue advocating for people who may be in similar situations as himself.

Sources: Tampa Bays 10; Miami Herald

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