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Anarchists Claim Attack on NC Department of Correction

On November 24, 2010, the tires of six vehicles belonging to the North Carolina Department of Correction (DOC) were slashed in a parking lot in Asheville, North Carolina, and an adjacent building housing a DOC office was defaced. The total damage was estimated at $3,000.

Afterwards, a message posted on an anarchist website claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that anarchists had vandalized the DOC office and vehicles because the department “oversees the administration of probation and forced drug [tests].” The attack was “against this institution in particular and the police apparatus in general.”

According to the online post, “Six DOC vehicles were disabled. Their tires were slashed and their windows destroyed with glass etching fluid. ‘Burn the Prisons’ and a circled A were scrawled across [the] DOC building’s veneer.” The circled A is a common symbol used to denote anarchy.

The message also linked the DOC to the Prison Industrial Complex and said the attack was “an act of revolutionary solidarity” with comrades Eric Oseland, David Japenga and Alfredo Bonanno, “who was recently released from Greek Prison.”

The online message closed with the following: “In a world dominated by these institutions and saturated by police, we did this to show that we will not be neutralized, and that it is absolutely possible and imperative that we fight these motherfuckers. Love and solidarity with all prisoners and POWs in social war.”


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