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California Fire Crew Prisoner’s Escape Attempt Leaves Trail of Destruction

A California prisoner who tried to escape in a stolen fire truck left “half a block of destruction.” He was caught shortly after he tried to carjack another vehicle.

On July 5, 2021, the prisoner was working on the scene of a brush fire with a crew of prisoners and fire fighters with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The 31-year-old prisoner, Cameron Zoltan Horvath, stole an all-wheel-drive wildland firefighting engine in his attempt to flee custody. He, however, “can’t drive,” said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Dave Varao.

The prisoner drove through a fence and in onto the nearby Rack-It Truck Racks property where he rammed into one if the business’s vehicles, a tree, and another fence. He then jumped a curb and became stuck in a ditch. The prisoner, who officials did not identify, then ran back onto the Rack-It property and attempted to carjack an employee’s vehicle as they were leaving. They fought, but the employee ran back to the business and locked himself in.

The prisoner ran back the way he’d come and was caught. “He basically made a loop—he didn’t do a very good job of getting away,” said Bill Wilde, who lived in the area.

“It’s a half block of destruction from him trying to steer this big truck, which he probably didn’t know how to drive very well, ricocheting off fences and trees,” said Varao. The prisoner, who had been locked up since 2015, was hospitalized in good condition. No other information was given about him or if other such incidents had occurred.

As reported extensively in news media, the California prison system uses thousands of prisoners to fight fires and risk their lives for a few dollars a day. Prisoners are literally giving their lives to defend the mansions of billionaires, as we have reported in prior issues of PLN. While legions of state officials, including now vice president Kamala Harris, are quick to defend prison slavery, they tend to have little to say when the slaves try to escape. 



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