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News in Brief

Alabama: A detainee assaulted aguard at the Calhoun County Jail on August 6, 2022, the Anniston Star reported. Sheriff Matthew Wade blamed an ongoing staffing shortage, which has typically left three guards on duty to supervise 300 detainees. One of them, Jacob Hammett, was out of his maximum-security cell for his mandated one hour a day when he reportedly became disruptive. As the unnamed guard responded, she fired a Taser but missed Hammett. He then punched her several times in the face. Sheriff Wade said Hammett could have escaped then, but he didn’t try. The guard sustained no “serious injuries” but was upset.

Alabama: The Birmingham News reported that a state prison guard was placed on leave at Elmore Correctional Facility for allegedly beating a prisoner on the chapel roof on September 14, 2022. The guard, Ell White, has reportedly since resigned. The prisoner, Jimmy K. Norman, 44, had gotten on the chapel roof and walked up to its edge when White dragged him back and proceeded to punch him repeatedly. The incident was caught on video that circulated on social media. Norman, who was serving time for breaking into cars, retained attorney Leroy Maxwell, Jr., who asked county prosecutors to file assault charges against White. Investigators also determined the guard lied during questioning in the November 2017 beating death of prisoner Billy Smith, but he was never charged in that incident. [See: PLN, Aug. 2020, p.36.]

Australia: The Illawarra Mercury reported that a South Coast Correctional Center guard avoided prison time despite taking $50,000 in bribes to smuggle drugs into the facility. Instead, Shayne Louise Freimann, 33, was sentenced to mental health treatment and two years of “intensive corrections orders” on September 19, 2022, after pleading guilty to sneaking packages of buprenorphine into the prison. An investigation found that she received bribes, including one from a prisoner’s mother that the guard arranged using the prisoner’s own phone in July 2020, calling it “legal fees.” She received another $40,000 in September 2020. However, investigators failed to prove that Friemann knew the packages she smuggled contained drugs. During sentencing, her lawyer argued that she suffered from mental health issues, leaving her “easily manipulated and easy to control.” But he was unable to get her charges dismissed. In addition to her sentence, she was ordered to pay $31,900 to the Crown.

California: A former guard at San Quentin State Prison pleaded guilty to smuggling and bribery charges on September 16, 2022, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of California announced. Keith Christopher, 38, was charged in September 2021 with conspiring to smuggle contraband cellphones onto the prison’s death row in 2019. [See: PLN, Nov. 2021, p.62.] Working with three outsiders who also pleaded guilty in the scheme, Christopher took thousands of dollars in bribes to sneak the phones into the prison. The others were Isaiah Wells, 33, Dustin Albini, 38, and Tanisa Smith-Symes, 46, who was in a romantic relationship with an unnamed condemned prisoner at the heart of the plot.

Canada: CBC News reported that a jail guard at Toronto East Detention Centre was charged on September 7, 2022, with smuggling drugs into the jail. Dylan Pinnavaria, 24, had been suspended with pay during an investigation after he was caught on camera entering the jail with a package that he then delivered to a detainee’s cell. The package was immediately seized, and the guard’s car was searched, uncovering ceramic blades, marijuana, and heroin. Drug use has been a chronic issue in Ontario jails, which counted 80 drug toxicity deaths between 2012 and 2021. The Ministry of the Solicitor General promised to enhance screenings at detention facilities.

District of Columbia:DCist reported that a guard at the DC Jail was arrested on September 26, 2022, for allegedly taking part in a “months-long” scheme to smuggle drugs to a detainee. The guard, Beverly Williams, 52, was charged with bribery, conspiracy, and smuggling. She allegedly delivered the contraband to the detainee, Andre Gregory, 31, from one of his relatives, Keywaune McLeod, 27, who was also arrested. Gregory was being held on charges of assault with intent to kill stemming from a May 2019 shooting. To those will be added charges for distributing the drugs to other jail detainees.

Florida: WTVJ in Miami reported that a state prison guard was arrested for making an illegal traffic stop during an apparent road rage incident on October 3, 2022. The guard, Eric Tyre Harris, 53, was driving his vehicle when another vehicle allegedly cut him off. The driver of the second car reported that Harris then pulled up behind her and got out of his vehicle, flashing his badge from the state Department of Corrections (DOC). She then took off, and he reportedly got back in his car and gave chase, cornering the other vehicle in a parking lot and pulling out a handgun as he ordered the three adults inside to exit and get down on the ground, leaving two minors in the car. One of the adults dialed 911. To justify giving chase, Harris told responding officers that he could smell marijuana when he approached the vehicle. As for drawing his weapon, he said he didn’t know if the occupants were armed. He was charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and released on a $30,000 bond.

Florida: On October 26, 2022, a Nassau County Jail guard was arrested and charged with beating a detainee. Because he was still on his employment probationary period after his March 2022 hiring, Joshwa Edsall, 27, was also terminated by the county Sheriff’s Office for excessive use of force. When the unnamed detainee allegedly became disruptive and demanded his own cell on October 15, 2022, Edsall pepper-sprayed him in the face to gain control of him. When the man turned his back to wipe the pepper spray from his eyes, Edsall gripped him by the shoulder and armpit and smashed him into a concrete wall. The injured detainee fell to the ground, where another deputy handcuffed him. Then, though he was already subdued, Edsall drove a knee into the detainee’s back, Tasering him for good measure. The detainee was taken to a hospital for injuries to his head and face. Edsall was called in for a complaint interview with his superiors, to whom he acknowledged that he had crossed a line. He had previously worked for the state DOC.

Georgia: The Albany Herald reported on September 23, 2022, that two men were sentenced for trying to smuggle methamphetamine into Macon State Prison. Daquann Marquez Epps, 26, and Demarea Demond Carey, 28, each received 75 months in prison and three years of supervised release after pleading guilty to charges of possession with intent to distribute. A third man, Raquan Emahl Gray, 26, was convicted of the same crime on May 24, 2022, and sentenced to 240 months in prison and three years of supervised release. The three were pulled over for speeding in September by a Crawford County Sheriff’s deputy, who smelled marijuana. After Carey admitted to smoking pot, the vehicle was searched and packages of drugs, lighters, and cellphones were found. The vehicle’s GPS indicated that the trio was headed to the prison. Gray’s criminal history includes previous felony convictions for robbery and burglary.

Georgia: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on October 14, 2022, that a state prisoner using a contraband cellphone conned $11 million from a billionaire’s brokerage account. Arthur Lee Cofield, 31, was held at Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison in June 2020 when he allegedly phoned the Charles Schwab Corp. and pretended to be billionaire Sidney Kimmel, 94, using a picture of the movie producer’s driver’s license and a utility bill in his name provided by co-conspirators Eldridge and Eliayah Bennett. They were also charged. Cofield, who was serving a 14-year sentence for armed robbery, allegedly transferred $11 million to an Idaho-based precious metals dealer for thousands of American Eagle gold coins that he then arranged to be flown by private jet to Atlanta. He reportedly used some to buy a $4.4 million, six-bedroom property in Atlanta. The property is still vacant and “rapidly deteriorating,” according to court filings seeking to force its sale. A Schwab spokesperson said that Kimmel, whose worth Forbes pegs at $1.5 billion, was made whole as soon as the fraud was detected. Federal prosecutors believe Cofield used a similar scheme to defraud $2.25 million from Nicole Wertheim, wife of Florida optometrist Herbert Wertheim, whose $2.3 billion fortune makes him “the greatest investor you’ve never heard of,” according to Forbes. No charges have been filed in that case, but Cofield faces attempted murder charges in an unrelated case in Fulton County.

Georgia: Three guards at the Camden County Jail were fired and arrested on November 22, 2022, a week after video went viral showing them beating a detainee in his cell and ripping out his dreadlocks. WSB in Atlanta reported that the detainee, Jarrett Hobbs, 41, was arrested on September 3, 2022, for speeding, driving without a valid license, and possession of a controlled substance. That same day, jail surveillance video captured his beat-down by the guards, Braxton Massey, 21, Mason Garrick, 23, and Ryan Biegel, 24. The video was released on November 14, 2022. Massey had been on the job six months, Garrick 18 months, and Biegel three years. Each is charged with battery of an inmate and violating their oath of office. Two other unidentified deputies face undisclosed discipline for their roles in the incident, Sheriff Jim Proctor said.

Indiana: A former detainee at the Vanderburgh County Jail (VCJ) was arrested on September 16, 2022, for raping a fellow detainee in December 2019. WFIE in Evansville reported that Amador Alonzo, III, 34, allegedly threatened to beat up the unnamed victim if he didn’t yield to the sexual assault. Afterward, the victim alerted a guard with a note. Investigators then obtained samples from the victim that turned up Alonzo’s DNA. Alonzo had been arrested in December 2017 for failure to appear. He was apparently out of jail when a new warrant was issued for his arrest on the rape charge in June 2020. He is currently back in VCJ and being held without bond.

Illinois: On September 28, 2022, a former guard at the Illinois Youth Center in St. Charles was sentenced for allowing juvenile detainees to attack one another. However, the Aurora Beacon-News reported that Michael M. Klimek, 46, avoided jail time after he was found guilty by a jury. The investigation into the matter was launched after a juvenile detainee was assaulted in a shower in January 2016 and reported it to a therapist, who subsequently filed an incident report. Prosecutors proved that the attackers were able to get into the showers to commit the assault only after Klimek unlocked the door for them. For that he was sentenced to 18 months of probation and 180 hours of community service.

Iowa: The Des Moines Register reported that a former guard at the Webster County Jail was sentenced to five years of probation on November 8, 2022, for helping a detainee escape. The former guard, Michelle Valenti, 30, admitted in court to helping detainee Jordan Mefferd, 43, break out of jail in December 2021. She also acknowledged supplying him marijuana and a lighter, as well as having sex with another detainee. Investigators found that Valenti was the only guard capable at the time of unlocking the door that Mefferd used. [See: PLN; Feb. 2022, p.62.] Mefferd was given five years for the escape, to be served concurrently with a term he is already serving for burglary and consecutively to a second term for a drug conviction.

Iran: Since an overnight fire on October 16, 2022, Tehran’s Evin prison has now counted eight prisoners dead, al Jazeera reports. Six more remain hospitalized. Prison officials said the blaze was set in a prison sewing workshop during a fight that broke out between prisoners, most of whom are political dissidents or Iranians with dual citizenship. But witnesses reported seeing Molotov cocktails thrown before guards arrived to break up the melee with tear gas. Prison officials also insisted that the blaze was far from areas housing political prisoners, who are not kept with “thieves and those convicted of financial crimes.” The violence coincided with nationwide protests that broke out after the in-custody death in September 2022 of Mahsa Amini, a young woman detained by morality police for wearing an “improper” hijab.

Israel: The warden of an Israeli women’s prison was sentenced to 30 months behind bars on October 25, 2022, for the indecent assault and sexual harassment of a detainee. The Times of Israel reported that David Amoyal, the former director of the women’s wing at Givon prison, was also ordered to pay NIS 35,000 (about $9,800 USD) to the unnamed woman, an asylum seeker from Nigeria. “He stripped me and threatened me that if I don’t prove that I’m a woman, he’ll send me to the men’s wing,” she said. Despite the testimony of guards and other detainees who were harassed, her complaint was initially dismissed by prosecutors for “lack of sufficient evidence.” After an appeal to the Hotline for Refugees and Migrants, the case was reopened.

Kansas: On October 20, 2022, KSNW in Wichita reported that a Kansas state prisoner was convicted of assaulting a guard at Lansing Correctional Facility in November 2021. Using a padlock attached to a belt, prisoner Ron R. Larsen, Jr., 37, repeatedly struck the unnamed guard in the head, knocking her unconscious. He then struck her again when she fell to the floor. She is still being treated for facial fractures and brain trauma. Larsen was serving time for a string of 2017 crimes including theft, aggravated burglary, and kidnapping. He was transferred following the incident, taking with him a long history of prison disciplinary actions going back to 2004. [See: PLN, Sep. 2022, p.64.]

Kentucky: On October 6, 2022, WHOP in Hopkinsville reported that a Kentucky state prison guard was arrested and charged with promoting contraband inside the Green River Correctional Complex in Central City. The guard, Austin Jarvis, 24, was caught during an investigation into an ongoing contraband problem at the prison. It was unclear if he was working for the state DOC at the time; a LinkedIn page with his name lists his employer as the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which operates the nearby U.S. Penitentiary (USP) at Big Sandy.

Maine: On October 20, 2022, a former guard at the Cumberland County Jail was convicted of manslaughter, the Portland Press Herald reported. After a three-day trial, a jury found that Kenneth Morang, 64, knew he was too tired to drive safely when he climbed into his truck on the night of July 21, 2019. But Morang, who often worked 80 hours a week, wanted to work more hours at the jail to improve his retirement benefits. Before he could get there, though, Morang fell asleep at the wheel, and his truck careened into the back of an SUV at 51 mph, killing a 9-year-old passenger, Raelynn Bell. During Morang’s manslaughter trial, his lawyer acknowledged that his client was too tired to be driving, but he argued that the state couldn’t prove that Morang knew that. When the jury returned, however, he was found criminally responsible for the child’s death, a conviction that could land him in prison up to 30 years.

New Jersey: On September 29, 2022, a high-level state prison guard at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women was indicted for the alleged sexual assault of a prisoner. WKXW in Trenton reported that Tyrell Harris-McLaughlin, 29, faces one count each of second-degree official misconduct, second-degree sexual assault, and fourth-degree criminal sexual contact. He was initially charged in October 2021 with assaulting a female prisoner under his authority. He joins 14 other officials indicted two days earlier for assaulting prisoners in 2021. [See: PLN, Dec. 2022, p.32.]

New York: The Highlands Current reported that a state prison guard in Coxsackie was arrested on September 16, 2022, when she was accused of promoting prison contraband. Charlinea Ganzaroli, 23, was taken into custody by the Dutchess County Drug Task Force and charged with second-degree official misconduct, third-degree attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance, and third-degree attempted promoting prison contraband. She was brought on as a trainee by the state Department of Corrections and Community Services (DOCCS) at Greene Correctional Facility in February 2022.

New York: On October 20, 2022, a state prison guard was arrested and indicted for allegedly falsifying official records to cover up his assault of a prisoner at Green Haven Correctional Facility. WINS in New York City reported that DOCCS guard Taj Everly, 32, admitted in an official report that he struck a prisoner on May 28, 2020, allegedly in self-defense after the prisoner hit him first. But the indictment claims that when the prisoner approached Everly, the guard threw an unprovoked punch and then lied to cover it up. Damian Williams, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, called the alleged conduct an abuse of Everly’s position.

North Carolina: A former guard at the Mecklenburg County Jail in Charlotte pleaded guilty on September 26, 2022, to sexually assaulting a transgender detainee. The Advocate reported that the former guard, Kyle Garrett Harris, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony sex by a custodian after formally admitting to committing the sexual assault on June 21, 2021. The detainee, who calls herself Heaven, was being held at the jail on federal identity theft charges when she was attacked by another detainee, who tried to drag her into a shower stall by her ankle. After reporting the incident, she was transferred to a private cell, where Harris was on duty. He then assaulted her later that night. When she reported the assault, Harris was placed on leave, and Heaven was transferred out of the jail and placed under house arrest. She went on to plead guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced to time served. Harris was fired and charged when DNA evidence linked him to the assault. After his guilty plea, he faces 20 to 84 months in prison for each charge. He will also be required to register as a sex offender for 30 years.

Ohio: On July 21, 2022, surveillance cameras in a day room at the Fairfield County Jail captured friendly wrestling matches taking place between prisoners and two guards, while a third guard looked on. The Lancaster Eagle-Gazette reported that another Sheriff’s deputy who does not work as a guard at the lockup also went to the mat in the fracas. Calling his employees’ behavior “ridiculous and unacceptable,” Sheriff Alex Lape suspended Deputy Shawn Pettet, 27, as well as guards Landon Talbott, 20, and Kyle Archibald, 28. The guard who was a spectator, Kayla Doss, 20, reported the incident to her supervisor five days later and was placed on leave for that delay. After Lape took the case to county prosecutor Kyle Witt, and he declined to press charges, the Sheriff began an internal investigation and scheduled disciplinary hearings for the employees. Archibald and Pettet resigned before their hearings could be held. Following his hearing, Talbot was fired. The nephew of Lape’s Chief Deputy Jim Gilbert, he has reportedly filed a grievance with the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. Jail prisoners and detainees who participated or watched were not disciplined because the Sheriff’s office found they did not violate jail rules.

Pennsylvania: On September 14, 2022, an attempted homicide charge was withdrawn for a man who allegedly strangled a prison guard with a towel at Erie County Prison. The Erie Times-News reported that Nicholas A. Rosnack, 38, still faces charges of aggravated assault and assault by a prisoner for attacking a guard who was sitting at a desk on April 15, 2022, while others in the room were distracted or turned away. Rosnack was being held on vehicle theft charges after he and an unidentified child were allegedly seen in a stolen van. Rosnack was also seen placing the child in a dumpster, and he was caught pushing the child in a stolen wheelbarrow. During the alleged assault, the guard was able to fend off Rosnack and didn’t sustain any injuries.

Pennsylvania: A former jail guard at Northampton County Prison was sentenced on September 21, 2022, for sexually assaulting a detainee. The Morning Call reported that Kelvin Myers, 41, was ordered to spend four to 18 months in Monroe County jail and register as a sex offender, after he pleaded guilty to assaulting the detainee between July and October 2020. Investigators found phone recordings of the victim discussing a “sexual relationship” with the guard, plus video evidence of Myers going into the victim’s cell for an eight-minute stretch. Myers had worked as a guard since 2014 and in the women’s section of the jail since 2020, where he soon came under investigation for criminal contact with the victim. She reportedly filed a lawsuit in April 2022, accusing jail officials of failing to train staff on harassment and sexual assault. Her suit also alleges that Myers threatened retaliation if she did not submit to his sexual assault.

Pennsylvania: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that a former guard at the Washington County Jail pleaded guilty on September 23, 2022, to participating in a scheme to smuggle cocaine into the facility. The former guard, Andrew Molinaro, 45, admitted to being an accessory after the fact to a cocaine distribution and possession scheme orchestrated by drug traffickers in July 2020. The FBI investigated the organization, which oversaw the movement of narcotics from New Jersey to Western Pennsylvania, from April to October 2020. Using his position, Molinaro supplied sensitive information to help the organization evade law enforcement scrutiny. When sentenced, he faces a $500,000 fine and up to ten years in prison.

Philippines: ABC News reported on November 25, 2022, that the Philippines’ top prison official and an aide were accused of murdering a journalist. Bureau of Corrections head Gerald Bantagand a security official, Ricardo Zulueta, were accused of the fatal shooting of journalist Percival Mabasa on October 3, 2022. Using the penname Percy Lapid, the radio commentator had accused Bantag of corruption. For that, Bantag allegedly got imprisoned gang leaders to hire hitman Joel Escorial, who killed Mabasa for 550,000 pesos ($9,300 USD). Escorial surrendered after the reward for his capture was raised, naming prisoner Jun Villamor as the one who arranged the killing for the gang leaders, who then suffocated Villamor on orders from Bantag and Zulueta. Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. suspended Bantag and replaced him with a former military chief of staff, Gregorio Catapang Jr.

Rhode Island: The Providence Journal reported that a former state prison guard was found guilty on October 13, 2022, of having sex with two prisoners at the Adult Correctional Institution (ACI) in Cranston. Collins Umoh, 44, was convicted on three counts of criminal sexual conduct with a prisoner that occurred over the course of a year between 2017 and 2018 at ACI’s Gloria McDonald Women’s Facility, before his arrest in May 2019. He had by then been a guard for 11 years. [See: PLN, Apr. 2022, p.62.] Four other counts against Umoh were dismissed.

Tennessee: WSMV in Nashville reported that two state prisoners were removed from the general population at Trousdale Turner Correctional Center on October 14, 2022, after allegedly stabbing a pair of guards. The prison is privately operated for the state DOC by Nashville-based CoreCivic. The incident took place around 8:45 p.m., when the two unidentified prisoners allegedly stabbed the two guards before other guards restrained them. The two guards, who were also not identified, were later flown to separate hospitals for treatment. A similar incident occurred at the prison on November 7, 2022, when three more unnamed guards were attacked and injured by prisoners. They were then treated at nearby hospitals and released.

Texas: On October 6, 2022, a state prison guard was arrested and accused of attempting to smuggle fentanyl and PCP into the maximum-security Preston E. Smith Unit in Dawson County. KCBD in Lubbock reported that Gilma Parades was caught trying to smuggle 21 ounces of liquid fentanyl and 17.5 ounces of liquid PCP. Officials with the state Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) also searched the guard’s car, turning up another five ounces of fentanyl and 30.5 more ounces of PCP. The prison houses more than 2,200 men. The TDCJ Inspector General’s Office charged Parades with introduction of prohibited items inside a correctional institution.

Venezuela: On October 1, 2022, the Venezuelan government released seven U.S. citizens in exchange for the release of two Venezuelans held in New York on drug charges. The Associated Press reported that the exchange, carried out in the Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, was secured after months of quiet negotiations between the two countries, whose tumultuous relations have persisted through the administrations of Presidents Donald J. Trump (R) and Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D). The seven released Americans included five executives of Houston-based CITGO oil company: Tomeu Vadell, Jose Pereira, Jorge Toledo, Jose Luis Zambrano, and Alirio Zambrano. They were seized by Venezuelan government agents in a Caracas conference room in 2017 after being lured to the country by CITGO’s Venezuelan parent, state-owned PDVSA. Released along with them were Floridian Osman Khan, 24, who was kidnapped during a visit to his girlfriend’s parents, and Tennessean Matthew Heath, 41, a former Marine and private security contractor detained on weapons and terrorism charges that the U.S. State Department called “specious.” The Venezuelans released by the U.S. were Efrain Campo and Franqui Flores, nephews to the wife of President Nicolás Maduro. They were arrested by the DEA in Haiti during a 2015 sting operation.

Washington: A detainee at the Yakima County jail was accused of stabbing a guard in the neck with a pencil on September 30, 2022. The Yakima Herald-Republic reported that detainee Erik Anthony Anguiano-Herrera, 25, asked about phone usage as the guard was performing a walkthrough of the jail housing unit. The guard told Anguiano-Herrera to talk to his sergeant about phones, and the detainee allegedly stuck a pencil into the guard’s neck just below his jaw, creating a “pea-sized” hole. Anguiano-Herrera was being held on charges of trespassing and malicious mischief, but he had been found incompetent to stand trial and was awaiting transfer to Eastern State Hospital for competency restoration. After the stabbing, he was being held on suspicion of first-degree assault. The guard was taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital and was expected to return to duty quickly.

Washington: A former jail guard in Benton County was sentenced to 46 months in prison on October 4, 2022, after pleading guilty to taking part in a contraband smuggling scheme. KCYU in Yakima reported that the former guard, Eric Christian, 34, admitted in December 2021 to conspiring with six codefendants, including detainees, to sneak cellphones and drugs into the facility in exchange for money between January and April 2020. The drugs included suboxone, heroin, and methamphetamine. Christian also provided information on jail informants in order to arrange retaliation against them. After his prison term, he faces three years of supervised release.

West Virginia: The Preston County News & Journal reported that a federal prison guard from USP-Hazelton was convicted of lying to federal officials about the abuse of prisoners. A federal jury returned the guilty verdict on September 13, 2022, after finding that guard William Lewis, 34, had lied when he told an investigator that no abuses had occurred at the facility and denied telling anyone that he witnessed abuse carried out by other guards. But in fact he had earlier reported use of excessive force against prisoners by guards, and he’d said that it might even result in a prisoner’s death. The jury found him guilty on two counts of making a false statement to a federal agent. For each he could receive up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000. He was acquitted of a third count of making a false statement.

West Virginia: A former West Virginia parole officer was arrested on September 22, 2022, when he was accused of sexually assaulting two parolees on a total of five occasions. WDTV in Charleston reported that Anthony DeMetro, 44, was charged with making false statements, obstruction of justice, and depriving his alleged victims of civil rights under color of law. His indictment alleges that DeMetro also lied about the assaults to both state and federal investigators. He faces life in prison for three of the civil rights violation counts, up to 20 years for the obstruction of justice charge, and up to five years for each false statement count, as well as an additional year on the remaining two civil rights counts.

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