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News in Brief

Alabama: Four months after a judge found no probable cause to prosecute former Mobile Metro Jail guard Kimberly A. Henderson, 32, for contraband smuggling, charges were reinstated in a new indictment that resulted in her rearrest on March 22, 2024, WPMI in Mobile said. As PLN reported, Henderson was fired after her initial arrest in September 2023. [See: PLN, Nov. 2023, p.63.] But Mobile County Judge Zack Moore made his probable cause ruling on November 2, 2023, when Henderson described how she was on the phone at the jail relaying a question from a mutual friend and not trying to slip it to detainee Jessica Odom, a former fellow co-worker fired and arrested two weeks earlier on suspicion of smuggling fentanyl to jail detainees. Another judge, George Zoghby, reduced Odom’s bail from $1 million to $750,000 in December 2023; she has yet to be indicted.

Alabama: Autauga Metro Jail Warden Larry Nixon told the Montgomery Advertiser that termination proceedings had already been started against Jesse Morgan Rogers, 37, when the guard showed up at the jail in uniform on April 16, 2024. It was unclear why he was being fired then, but the process was fast-tracked after Nixon told Rogers to leave and the guard responded with a threat to burn down the jail and everyone in it. Rogers now faces a felony charge for making a terroristic threat. He was booked into the lockup, where he’d worked just 14 months, on a $15,000 bond.

Alabama: The Birmingham News reported that a guard with the state Department of Corrections (DOC) was arrested on April 18, 2024. Leshonnon Belser, 39, faces a misdemeanor charge of third-degree promoting prison contraband for allegedly smuggling cell phone chargers and food to an unnamed prisoner at Ventress Correctional Facility in Clayton, where she worked. Her current employment status is unclear.

Belarus: Political prisoner Katsiaryna Novikava, 38, smuggled a description of deplorable conditions in which she is held to an ally—writing the details on toilet paper, according to a report by the Washington Post on April 15, 2024. Novikava is among 1,385 enemies of Pres. Alexander Lukashenko jailed since the dictator secured “re-election” to a sixth term in 2020 voting that was widely decried as fraudulent. Arrested in June 2023 wearing only a nightshirt, Novikava said she was beaten and assaulted during numerous interrogations. Those continued to her January 2024 trial, where she was convicted and sentenced to a 78-month prison term for inciting hatred. More beatings have followed since, as well as bullying and denied medical care, she said, while “letters almost never arrive” and “[e]ven drawings [are] banned.”

California: Former state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) guard Stephen Crittenden, 44, pleaded guilty on April 11, 2024, to taking $45,000 in bribes to smuggle contraband cellphones to prisoners at California Medical Facility in Vacaville, KXTV in Sacramento said. The scheme ran from 2021 to 2023, before his employment with CDCR ended. Crittenden was arrested in September 2023, as PLN reported. [See: PLN, Dec. 2023, p.63.] At sentencing in September 2024, he faces up to 10 years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines.

California: On April 11, 2024, two CDCR guards trying to handcuff prisoner Brandon Keen, 39, were injured when he grabbed a weapon and stabbed them, according to CBS News. A third guard was also injured in the fracas. All three were treated at a hospital and released. None was named. Keen was charged with attempted murder and moved to restricted housing in another unnamed prison. He is serving 25 years for a second-strike mayhem conviction in 2013, plus a life sentence for second-degree murder and assault since he was incarcerated.

Canada: CBC reported that Newfoundland dentist Dr. Louis Bourget got the minimal criminal sentence on April 9, 2024, for letting a Bishop’s Falls Correctional Centre guard extract teeth from a prisoner he’d escorted to Gander Family Dental Clinic, while another guard recorded with his cellphone. As PLN reported, Bourget and guard-cum-dentist Ron McDonald pleaded guilty to assault charges in September 2023, though charges against cameraman guard Roy Goodyear were dropped. [See: PLN, Nov. 2023, p.63.] Bourget’s “absolute discharge” sentence carries no jail time or probation, and he won’t have a criminal record, after Justice Melanie Del Rizzo said that “a criminal conviction is not in the public's interest.” He has already completed sanctions imposed by dental boards in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Florida: BOP prisoner Pedro Jose Collazo-Prieto, 26, pleaded guilty in federal court on March 21, 2024, to dealing drugs inside the Federal Correctional Institution in Miami, the Miami Herald reported. He was caught after failing a urine test, when guards searched him and found 17 grams of marijuana plus 50 grams of cocaine divided between more than 20 plastic baggies.

Florida: Former DOC guard Kirk Walton, 36, pleaded guilty on March 27, 2024, to the fatal beating of a mentally ill prisoner in February 2022. The Miami Herald said fellow former guard Jeremy Godbolt, 30, also pleaded guilty a week before to second-degree murder in the assault on Ronald Gene Ingram, 60. As PLN, reported, the guards beat Ingram after he threw urine at them, leaving him in a transport van where he was found dead hours later. [See: PLN, July 2022, p.63.] Both will be sentenced later in 2024, when two other former guards, Ronald Conner, 26, and Christopher Rolon, 31, are set to stand trial for their roles in the attack.

Florida: Duvall County Jail guard Jordan Weiss was arrested and suspended on April 8, 2024, for assaulting a detainee who was engaged in an unidentified sex act in front of others. WJXT in Jacksonville reported that when Weiss ordered him to stop, the detainee fled, but the guard caught up to him, hitting and pepper-spraying him though he was unresistant. The detainee was not seriously injured. Weiss had been a jail employee for two years.

Florida: Former DOC guard Rachel Marie Drumm, 38, was arrested on April 12, 2024, after stonewalling demands for a DNA test from investigators who alleged that her child born in November 2021 was fathered by a prisoner at Sumter Correctional Institution, where she worked. The Villages-News reported that he is Jonathan Marrero, 44, who is serving an armed robbery sentence through 2025. Drumm listed the child’s last name as Marrero on the birth certificate, and investigators found videos she sent to the prisoner’s JPay account in which she encouraged the child to “say goodnight to dada.” It was unclear when or how her employment with DOC was terminated. She is being held without bond in the Sumter County Jail.

Georgia: State prisoner David Cassaday, 55, was indicted on federal charges on April 5, 2024, for allegedly making and mailing two bombs in 2020 to the federal courthouse in Anchorage, Alaska, and a Justice Department office building in Washington, D.C. CNBC reported that Cassaday is serving a life sentence for a 1993 kidnapping. DOC spokeswoman Joan Heath said he “manipulate[d] primarily items he was authorized to possess into makeshift explosive devices.” How or why he mailed them was unclear, as was the reason for the four-year delay in charging him.

Georgia: On April 8, 2024, agents with the state Bureau of Investigation (GBI) arrested Walton County Jail guard Owen Thomas, 39, for the alleged sexual assault of an unnamed detainee at the lockup, WSB in Atlanta reported. He was also charged with violating his oath of office and booked into the Barrow County jail. GBI said the investigation was ongoing.

Kansas: KAKE in Wichita reported that former Jackson County Jail guard Lucas A. Ray, 36, was sentenced to 18 months of probation on March 29, 2024, after pleading no contest to smuggling unidentified contraband to detainees in exchange for bribes paid via cash apps. That allowed Ray to avoid spending an underlying eight-month sentence in prison. A tip led to an investigation, and Sheriff Tim Morse fired Ray at the end of August 2023, after 32 months on the job.

Kentucky: On April 3, 2024, former state DOC guard Trista Fox, 39, got a one-year prison sentence, probated for three years, after pleading guilty to having sex with an unnamed prisoner at Kentucky State Penitentiary. The Murray Ledger & Times reported that Fox admitted to third-degree felony rape to avoid prison time in a February 2024 plea deal. But she is barred from future law enforcement employment in the state. She must also serve five years of post-sentence supervision and register as a sex offender for the next 20 years.

Mississippi: Four unnamed Yazoo County Regional Correctional Facility guards are facing charges that they helped a quartet of detainees escape the jail on March 24, 2024. WXXV in Gulfport reported that Marlon Willis, Marcus Green and Deliuwon Stowers were recaptured the next day; Glen Bassett was not apprehended until April 18, 2024. An unnamed fifth detainee who attempted escape with the others was thwarted.

Missouri: On April 8, 2024, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri said that former Jefferson City Correctional Center guard Paul E. Schofield, 35, and his wife, Sara E. Schofield, 31, were sentenced to 40 years and 35 years in federal prison, respectively, after they admitted producing child pornography. As PLN reported, the couple was accused of abusing a four-year-old victim from July 2019 to June 2022, after tipped-off investigators found a video of the pair assaulting the unconscious child on their cellphone. [See: PLN, Oct. 2022, p.64.]

New Hampshire: Former state DOC guard Theophilus Osabutey, 41, avoided prison time when he was given a two-year suspended sentence on March 22, 2024, after pleading guilty to striking a compliant prisoner at the State Prison for Men in July 2022. The Union Leader reported that Osabutey must also complete anger management training and 50 hours of community service in addition to surrendering his work certification. He is barred from seeking future employment in law enforcement or corrections, and he has been placed on the state’s “Brady” list of decertified sworn personnel whose testimony is no longer considered entirely credible.

New Jersey: On April 12, 2024, a state court jury found Cape May County Jail guard Jonathan Perez, 34, guilty of sexually abusing an unnamed girl under 13 “over an extended period of time,” WKXW in Trenton reported. Perez was suspended without pay by the county DOC after his February 2024 arrest. He remains in the Atlantic County Jail awaiting sentencing set for June 2024.

New Jersey: After Paterson Police Department detainee Anthony Juliano, 30, made a brief escape on April 21, 2024, the officer guarding him was given a 30-day suspension, the Paterson Press reported. Off. Matthew McKoy let Juliano slip away from St. Joseph’s University Medical Center; why the detainee was there was not disclosed, nor the time and place he was recaptured, nor the details of the warrant on which he had been arrested four days earlier.

New Jersey: Former Passaic County Jail guard Lorenzo Bowden, 39, pleaded guilty on April 18, 2024, to conspiring with two fellow guards who took a handcuffed detainee to a jail “blind spot” not under video surveillance and assaulted him in January 2021. North Jersey Media Group reported that Bowden admitted standing by and watching as the unnamed detainee was knocked down and beaten by Sgts. Jose Gonzalez, 45, and Donald Vinales, 38. Charges against them remain pending. As PLN reported, all three guards were arrested in January 2024 for the beat-down, allegedly carried out in retaliation after the detainee splashed them with urine; none of them reported it and all denied it to investigators. [See: PLN, Apr. 2024, p.61.] They also denied meeting afterward, when they agreed to the coverup.

New York: On top of a seven-year prison term for slashing a fellow pedestrian with a box cutter in July 2022, state prisoner Darius Williams picked up two more seven-year terms when he was sentenced on March 13, 2024, for a pair of assaults on guards at Rockland County Jail while held there awaiting trial. The Rockland/Westchester Journal News said that in one incident on February 13, 2023, Williams sucker-punched an unnamed guard as he removed the detainee’s handcuffs. Two days later Williams again mixed it up with guards who responded to a broken lock in his cell. That brought his total term to 21 years.

New York: Testifying at the trial of a Rikers Island jail detainee on April 18, 2024, fired guard Darius Murphy described smuggling drugs soaked onto the pages of the popular manga comic book Demon Slayer, according to the New York Daily News. It was his love of the genre that got the guard in trouble; he successfully delivered one issue but kept another to read before making a second delivery attempt in May 2020, when he was caught. Hoping for leniency when he is sentenced, he was testifying at the murder, racketeering and drug-trafficking trial of accused Bully gang leader Moeleek Harrell and three accomplices: Derrick Ayers, Franklin Gillespie and Anthony Kennedy. Fellow former guard Patrick Legerme also detailed his smuggling in the 2022 trial of another drug kingpin at the jail, James Albert, as PLN reported. [See: PLN, Feb. 2023, p.28.] Neither has yet to publish a book about their escapades, like former guard Gary Heyward’s 2015 tome, Corruption Officer: From Jail Guard to Perpetrator Inside Rikers Island. Heyward spent two years in state prison for taking $1,500 in bribes to smuggle a cell phone, drugs and tobacco into the jail before he was caught and fired in 2006. He now works for the New York City Housing Authority, which promoted him to building superintendent on March 17, 2024.

New York: Former Schoharie County Jail guard Timothy J. Feldman, 22, got a two-to-six-year prison sentence on February 29, 2024, for attempting to enter a Saratoga Springs bar with a loaded “ghost” gun while off-duty the summer before. WGRB in Albany said that a bar bouncer discovered the weapon and alerted cops, who determined the firearm was an unregistered and untraceable “ghost” gun. Feldman admitted he had no permit for it and constructed it from parts ordered online. It was unclear when his employment ended at the jail. He pleaded guilty on October 26, 2023.

New York: A planned lockdown during the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, was lifted by the state DOC—but only for six prisoners at Woodbourne Correctional Facility. That was in settlement of a suit they filed in federal court for the Northern District of New York arguing that preventing them from observing the phenomenon violated their religious beliefs—as a Baptist, a Muslim, a Seventh-Day Adventist, two practitioners of Santeria and even an atheist, lead plaintiff Jeremy Zeilinski. The New York Times reported that the prisoners were represented pro bono by attorneys with Alston & Bird in Washington, D.C. See: Zielinski v. N.Y. Dep’t of Corr. and Comm. Svcs., USDC (N.D.N.Y.), Case No. 9:24-cv-00450.

North Carolina: On March 21, 2024, Mecklenburg County Sheriff Gary McFadden announced he had fired and arrested Melissa Gordon, 53, for allegedly smuggling unidentified contraband to an unnamed detainee at the county’s Detention Center-Central. WBT in Charlotte said that Gordon had been a guard at the lockup since January 2020. She was McFadden’s second deputy fired that week; James Scott was let go on March 19, 2024, three days after his arrest for violating a domestic violence protective order, WCCB in Charlotte reported. Scott had been employed since September 2022.

North Dakota: Former Heart of America Correctional Center guard Anthony Aadland, 31, appeared in court on February 15, 2024, to face felony charges for having sex with two jail detainees. The Minot Daily News said that he denied having sex with one unnamed woman, but when asked about the other replied, “Okay.” He is held in the Bottineau County Jail.

Pennsylvania: Former George W. Hill Correctional Facility guard Damon W. Joyner, 44, was sentenced to 11-and-a-half to 23 months at the lockup on April 1, 2024, after pleading guilty to taking part in a smuggling ring. As PLN reported, fellow guards searched him as he arrived for work on December 13, 2022, finding three baggies in his waistband with cigarettes, tobacco, marijuana, Xanax, suboxone and Tylenol. [See: PLN, Feb. 2023, p.63.] The Delco Times said that former jail detainee Anthony J. Pierre, 30, got two-to-four years in prison followed by five years of probation after pleading guilty to his role in the scheme in April 2023. His girlfriend, Jessica L. Desimore, 25, got three years of probation in January 2023 after admitting to muling Joyner the drugs. Her sentence runs concurrent to an 18-month term for drug possession and trafficking.

Pennsylvania: On March 5, 2024, a Philadelphia judge vacated the sentence of state prisoner Ronald Johnson, 61, freeing him after more than 34 years behind bars. The New York Times said he will not be retried for the 1990 murder of Joseph Goldsby. His attorney, Jennifer Merrigan, said the conviction had been based “solelyon the false testimony of two witnesses,” and cops hid testimony from two other witnesses who identified a different killer. Days later, on March 18, 2024, Charles “C.J.” Rice, another state prisoner exonerated in November 2023, saw his attempted murder charges dismissed after prosecutors declined to retry him for a 2011 shooting that injured four people. Rice, 30, had been free on bail since his conviction was tossed, after serving almost 12 years of a 30-to-60-year sentence before the Pennsylvania Innocence Project successfully argued that he received ineffective assistance of counsel at trial. His attorney allowed testimony about a shooting in which Rice himself had been the victim, which prosecutors argued established a retaliatory motive for the subsequent crime. But only one of the four shooting victims could identify him, and she misremembered his cornrows as long dreadlocks. No one ever followed up, either, with a 911 caller whose description of the shooter’s clothing did not match what Rice was wearing.

Pennsylvania: State Correctional Institution at Benner guard Kevin B. Hoch, Jr., 40, was charged on March 7, 2024, with plotting to smuggle 10 sheets of paper soaked in “K2” synthetic cannabinoids to a prisoner, the Centre Daily Times reported. Prison staffers discovered a recorded call between Hoch and the unnamed prisoner’s mother, who mailed the contraband to the guard’s home. State DOC investigators intercepted it and replaced the drug-soaked sheets with plain ones, watching as the guard took the package inside. They said he “got into a little financial situation, gambling online,” before getting involved in the scheme. Hoch was an eight-year DOC veteran.

Pennsylvania: After repeatedly punching an unnamed Allegheny County Jail detainee—even after a supervisor deployed a Taser on him—guard Robert Veith, 49, is out of a job, KDKA in Pittsburgh reported. Jail surveillance video captured the incident on January 3, 2024, while Veith and other guards conducted window checks of prisoner cells. County police were called and arrested Veith for harassment, official oppression and simple assault. Just over six weeks later, on February 24, 2024, Dauphin County Prison guard Scott Petrasic was hit with the same charges after a body-worn camera caught him dragging an unnamed detainee into a cell by her pants, pulling them down and exposing her. The same camera had just recorded him pushing her into a wall after losing his grip on her jacket during a search, WHTM in Harrisburg reported. He was charged with assault and suspended without pay on March 24, 2024.

South Carolina: Former Greenwood County Detention Center detainee Tavon Dorsett Morton, 36, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on March 28, 2024, for assaulting a guard at the lockup in August 2023, WSPA in Spartanburg reported. Morton had been arrested after an argument erupted in gunfire outside a home in May 2020, injuring the homeowner. Charged with attempted murder, Morton then had his bond revoked in February 2023. Six months later he punched the unnamed guard and threw him head-first onto the concrete floor, sending him into a seizure.

South Carolina: Former Tyger River Correctional Institution guard Jacob Johnson, 37, was fired and arrested on April 9, 2024, for allegedly assaulting an unnamed prisoner the month before. Johnson is accused of grabbing the prisoner by the “neck/jawline area” and pinning him against a wall on March 8, 2024, the Spartanburg Herald-Journal reported. He was charged with second-degree assault and battery and misconduct in office.

South Carolina: A former guard at Darlington County’s W. Glenn Campbell Detention Center was arrested on April 14, 2024, on charges that she smuggled contraband hidden in a deodorant container to detainees. WPDE in Florence reported that Kilenna Michelle Wright, 39, was charged with furnishing contraband to prisoners and misconduct in office. She no longer works for the county DOC, but it was unclear when or how her employment ended.

Tennessee: Anderson County Jail guard David A. Berruquin, 28, was fired and arrested on April 13, 2024, when he was accused of taking a contraband cellphone into the lockup and possessing child sex materials found during a search of his home, the Charlotte Observer reported. The state Bureau of Investigation began looking into the guard on April 5, 2024, when a detainee accused him of sexually assaulting her. He was put in the Anderson County jail and charged with introduction of contraband into a penal facility and sexual exploitation of a minor. He was released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Tennessee: Fired Bradley County Jail guard Krystl Lyn McClure and husband Chase were booked into the jail on April 20 and 21, 2024, respectively, on charges they kidnapped, abused and neglected at least one unidentified child between September and December 2023. WTVC in Chattanooga reported that when the allegations surfaced, McClure was still on probationary employment status and was let go, according to Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Robert Jones.

Texas: The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas announced that former BOP guard Justin M. Gonzalez, 26, was arrested on April 8, 2024, for allegedly taking cash bribes to smuggle unidentified contraband to unnamed prisoners at the Federal Correctional Institution in Three Rivers. It was unclear when or how his BOP employment ended.

Virginia: State cops arrested DOC guard trainee Kanasia Taylor on March 27, 2024, charging her with attempting to smuggle a cellphone to an unnamed prisoner at Sussex I State Prison. WRIC in Richmond said the phone and a charger were found in a hair scrunchie she set down before entering a body scanner on her way to work. DOC investigators said she expected an unspecified bribe.

Virginia: Three suspected MS-13 gang members held at Sussex I State Prison attacked two fellow prisoners on April 2, 2024, killing one and also “Rivan,”a K-9 dog that responded with guards. WWBT in Richmond said that all four prisoners were undocumented migrants from Central America when they committed various felonies for which they were incarcerated. A fifth prisoner was injured but survived the assault.

Virginia: The Petersburg Progress-Index reported that former BOP guard Daniel Thomas, 37, pleaded guilty on April 10, 2024, to participating in a smuggling conspiracy at the Federal Correctional Complex in Petersburg in 2022. Thomas, who had worked at the lockup since 2015, was recruited by prisoner William Hall, who worked on a detail for which Thomas was a pipe fitter supervisor. An unincarerated co-conspirator in Kentucky, Kayla Cronin, 29, provided Thomas the contraband, including steroids and tobacco, which he smuggled to Hall, who resold it to fellow prisoners, returning the proceeds to Cronin to pay off and resupply Thomas, keeping the scheme going. They were discovered when Hall was transferred to a New Jersey BOP lockup. He and Cronin have already pleaded guilty. All three await sentencing in July 2024.

Washington: Less than three days after escaping from Monroe Correctional Facility, state prisoner Patrick Lester Clay, 59, was back in custody on April 29, 2024, KIRO in Seattle reported. He was serving a two-year sentence for burglary, malicious mischief, theft and harassment when his job as a prison porter took him into a maintenance office, where he stole keys to an employee’s truck and drove off, abandoning it in a nearby Seattle neighborhood the next day. Prosecutors said they now are considering escape and theft charges.

West Virginia: The federal court for the District of West Virginia sentenced BOP prisoner Stephen C. Crawford, 45, to serve almost 16 more years for fatally stabbing fellow prisoner Arvel Crawford, 24, in 2015 at the U.S. Penitentiary (USP) in Hazelton. The two were not related, according to WV News in Clarksburg. Stephen Crawford’s 188-month sentence follows his December 2023 conviction for voluntary manslaughter, assault with a dangerous weapon and assault resulting in serious bodily harm. He was ordered to serve three years of supervised release, though he will not likely live that long; he was already serving a 108-year term for shooting a pregnant woman in the head in 2004 and then fatally shooting her boyfriend, Juan Curtis, when he arrived at the Washington, D.C. home that he and Tiffany Smith shared. She and her baby survived. The victim at USP-Hazelton, Arvel Crawford, was serving a sentence for two other D.C. murders: he killed Nolan Cooper, 61, in 2008 with a bullet that passed through Johnquan Wright, 18, in a revenge shooting Crawford carried out at 17; he also killed his father, Arvel Alston, 40, during a botched 2009 robbery they attempted of a drug dealer, the Washington Post reported. Uniformed D.C. cop Reginald L. Jones, then 40, pleaded guilty to acting as lookout in that crime, netting him a 15-year sentence in 2011.

Wisconsin: Already facing charges for driving drunk with a loaded gun on the car seat beside him the previous August, Milwaukee County Jail guard Weston Rolbiecki, 24, was suspended and charged with misconduct in public office for allegedly punching a detainee in the throat on March 12, 2024. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that the unnamed detainee had just arrived at the jail from a mental health facility and was changing into his jail uniform when Rolbiecki demanded his socks, and the detainee threw one in the guard’s face. A fellow guard’s body-worn camera then captured Rolbiecki as he hit the detainee, knocking his head against the wall. A detective who interviewed Rolbiecki said he left the cell to “cool off” because “he realized he was getting mad and that it could’ve gotten a lot worse.”

Wisconsin: State prisoner Jay Conklin, 50, was charged on April 1, 2024, with soliciting a pair of fellow Stanley Correctional Institution prisoners to kill the prosecutor who secured Conklin’s second and most recent conviction for child sex abuse. WEAU in Eau Claire reported that one of the prisoners told investigators how Conklin said the unnamed prosecutor had conspired with Conklin’s mother to “railroad” his conviction so she could take custody of his kids. The same prisoner then told Conklin that he had a cousin who could carry out the hit, and an undercover agent pretending to be the cousin recorded Conklin making the murder-for-hire deal.

Wisconsin: On April 5, 2024, state prisoner Gregg Phillips, 44, had 40 years added to the life sentence he is serving for a 2004 double murder, after a jury found him guilty of attempted homicide for stabbing a Waupun Correctional Center guard with a homemade knife on Christmas Eve 2023. The Daily Dodge said that security cameras captured the assault, which left the victim with 13 wounds. Phillips also bit the wrist of a second guard who responded, before a third guard was able to subdue him. Neither guard was named. “It needed to be done,” Phillips reportedly laughed, “It didn’t matter who…it was just because [the guard] was a blue shirt” and “a blue shirt needed to die.” As he was disarmed, the prisoner added: “I quit, I’m done.”

Wisconsin: The Kenosha County Eye reported that Racine Correctional Institution guard David A. O’Brien, 39, was in court on April 15, 2024, to face charges that he drugged and date-raped four women over a 12-year period with his roommate, psychologist Dr. Austin Gonzalez-Randolph, 40. The victims, who were allegedly raped vaginally, orally and anally, said they recalled drinking with the men but quickly became much more drunk than they should have been given what they had. O’Brien is free while awaiting trial on $10,000 bail; Gonzalez-Randolph also posted bail of $30,000.

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