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Articles by Brendan Saloner

New Study Documents Startling Spread of COVID-19 in American Prisons and Jails

In the United States, the incarcerated typically live in overcrowded facilities, with poor ventilation and insufficient access to masks and soap. They are disproportionately likely to have medical conditions that put them at high risk if they get the virus. And every day, staff and trustees move through the prison, spreading the risk of infection to every housing unit. 

Since the start of the pandemic, prisoners’ advocates, along with incarcerated people and their families and communities, have been warning that, once COVID-19 gets into a prison, it is likely to spread quickly. 

Now we have the data that proves them right. In a study published on July 8 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, our research team analyzed data collected by the UCLA Law Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project from every state’s Department of Corrections and the federal Bureau of Prisons. We found that between March 31 and June 6, coronavirus case rates grew by ...