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Articles by Casey Bastian

Anti-Parole Whistleblower Prompts Investigation of Virginia Parole Board

The Enduring Life of Life Sentences

One of every seven prisoners is ...

Confidential Settlement in Case Involving Alleged Pattern of Racist Misconduct in Michigan Prisons

After 36 Years in a Louisiana Prison for a Rape He Didn’t Commit, Archie Williams Wins Freedom — and a TV Show Spotlight

Despite this experience, Williams has maintained a warm ...

Reuters Investigation: Lamentable Medical Care in Jails and Prisons Exposed During Pandemic

Pardoned Nevada Bank Robber’s Story Creates Hope for Prisoners

In Prisons, the Press Also Yearns to Be Free

These facts do not make it into the public sphere in ...

Indiana Prisoner Has First Amendment Retaliation Claims Rejected by Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals