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Articles by Corey Weinstein

Prisoners’ Human Rights

by Corey Weinstein, MD

It was a little more than sixty years ago that the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). For the first time in history, governments from around the world declared that “All human beings are born free ...

Perpetrators and Enablers of Torture in the US

by Corey Weinstein, MD, CCHP

During the past 25 years I’ve spent a lot of time with survivors of torture, men and women enduring long term solitary confinement in California’s prisons. They are the most urgent victims of US mass incarceration with its overcrowded facilities and policy of incapacitation, not ...

Parole for Women in California: Promise or Pathos

by Corey Weinstein, MD, CCHP

Women are not men, but the California Department of Corrections (CDoC) has treated them as such until very recently. They are housed in mega prisons, denied contact with their children and denied important gender appropriate needs.

The sexual abuse scandals in California women's prisons in ...