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Articles by Dan Cahill

Ohio Prisons Cited by EPA

In Ohio, the task of keeping water safe and pure is delegated to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA). The task of keeping prisoners locked up belongs to Ohio's Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (DORC). Under Ohio Revised Code (R.C.) §2921.44, the DORC has the responsibility to provide prisoners with ...

Worked to Death: OH Work Release Programs

By Dan Cahill

Many of us have been concerned about the possibility of abuse and tragedy in the unprotected use of prison labor. Over the past several years Ohio legislators have made it legal to market prison labor to private companies.

One of the mot recent tragedies involved the trash ...

Ohio Offshore Industries Project

In the state governments effort to market prisoners as cheap labor it has unveiled the Ohio Offshore Industries Project. This marketing campaign offers companies a vast pool of cheap prison labor as an attractive alternative to foreign based production. Companies have been moving overseas to take advantage of cheap labor, ...

Justice Watch

By Dan Cahill

Justice Watch (J.W.) is a grass roots organization that supports prisoners, their families, and all who work for humane conditions until such time as prisons no longer mirror a society based on classism and racism.

J.W. organizes trips to Ohio and Kentucky prisons to help maintain ties ...