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Articles by Daniel A. Rosen

Federal Judge Dismisses Arizona Woman’s Wrongful Conviction Suit

Judge Roslyn Silver harshly criticized Milke in her ruling, saying the destroyed records would have ...

Nevada Reduces Share of Prisoners’ Money That Can be Taken for Restitution

Marsy’s Law was ...

Missouri Prisoner Pleaded for Release Before Dying of COVID-19

“I’m afraid I may be ...

Overtime Payouts in California Prison System Approach $500 Million

St. Louis, Missouri Guard Has History of Taser Abuse

First Former Felon Elected to Washington State Legislature

Prior to the election, she said she was running to help give people “a first chance so they won’t ...

Maine Jail Gets a Pass for Using Pepper Spray on Mentally Ill Prisoners

The review by DOC manager of corrections Ryan Andersen drew a rebuke from Jenna Mehnert, the chief executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Maine (NAMI-Maine).

“They’re in a psychotic state,” she noted of the detainees.

That’s evidence of mental illness for which the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires agencies to make “accommodations,” she added. Yet Andersen’s report contains “not a single mention” of ADA, even though it “absolutely applies to the actions of law enforcement and corrections,” Mehnert said.

In the first incident in February 2019, jail staff spoke to a male detainee through a door slot in his cell, attempting to elicit voluntary compliance with transport to the state’s Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta. When that effort failed, guards flooded the cell with pepper spray to force the inmate’s cooperation so that they could apply handcuff restraints and get him out of his cell.

A month ...

Teen Spends 17 Months in Mississippi Jail Without Indictment

William Haymon was just 13 years old when he was arrested for armed robbery in June 2018 and charged as an adult. Released on bond, Haymon was re-arrested eight months later on an aggravated assault charge, and his original bond was revoked. He has been held without bail since February 2019 in a Lexington, Mississippi adult regional jail.

The local district attorney, Akillie Malone-Oliver, says the delay is a result of turnover in the local police department that is investigating the charges. But in a state where the prosecution has no time limit within which to seek an indictment before a grand jury, Haymon may keep waiting.

Haymon’s attorney, Lawrence Blackmon, has argued that the state is violating his client’s constitutional right to a speedy ...

ICE Detainees Pepper-Sprayed Over Hunger Strike

“Suddenly they just started gassing us. You could just hear everyone screaming for help,” Yandy Bacallao, a 34-year-old Cuban asylum claimant, told Searchlight New Mexico.

A CoreCivic spokesman confirmed that the incident took place. Ryan Gustin said on the company’s behalf that officers pepper-sprayed “a group of detainees who became disruptive by refusing to comply with verbal directives provided by staff.” Gustin referred further questions to ICE, which had no response to requests for comment.

Torrance County Manager Wayne Johnson was skeptical of inmate accounts, saying he had no confirmation that the incident had even happened, but suspects “there’s more to it than what you’ve been told.”

The county recorded $90,000 in income from CoreCivic last fiscal year, when the site started housing migrants, and expects annual revenue from the arrangement to climb to about $130,000 per year.

Bacallao and two other detainees provided additional details. After almost three dozen ...

Prison Postcard: Life in the Time of COVID, Correctional Center, Virginia

The first round of testing was done in late May, with the National Guard’s help, inmates and staff alike. Everyone was locked down for a week while we awaited results. Around 250 inmates and 60 staff tested positive, roughly 8 to 10 percent of both populations. For a couple of months after that, when prisoners developed symptoms, they were removed from the cellblocks, quarantined, and monitored.

There was an entire building of sick and quarantined inmates on another part of the compound, though the official numbers didn’t appear to reflect that. Officially, one person has died from the virus here, according to DOC website — but two other recent deaths may have been virus-related. One of them was wheeled down the walk with CPR being performed on him as many of us watched from the rec yard. ...