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Articles by Daniel A. Rosen

Federal BOP Overwhelmingly Denies Compassionate Releases During COVID

by Daniel A. Rosen

Throughout the pandemic, The Marshall Project (TMP) has done thorough and comprehensive reporting about the impact of COVID in prisons and on prisoners. Staff writers Joseph Neff and Keri Blakinger recently looked at the statistics on compassionate release for federal prisoners during the pandemic and came ...

Lawsuit Over Alabama Private Mega-Prison Leases Dismissed

by Daniel A. Rosen

An Alabama judge recently ruled on a legal challenge seeking to block Governor Kay Ivey’s plan to lease three new privately-built mega-prisons in the state, siding with the Governor. Republican State Auditor Jim Ziegler and others had sued to block the leases, claiming they were an ...

Illinois First State to Abolish Cash Bail

Justice Delayed in California Jails: Lengthy Pretrial Imprisonment Common

Louisiana Law School Counts Deaths Behind Bars Because State Won’t

As a result of this knowledge gap, the Loyola University law school has undertaken an ...

Connecticut Makes All Prison Communications Free, Makes History

Connecticut made history on June 16, 2020, when Governor Lamont signed Senate Bill 972, making the state the first in the country where prison phone calls will be free for all prisoners and their families, including incarcerated youth. The state Senate and House fully funded the bipartisan bill, allocating $11.2 ...

Orange County California Jail Guard Investigated for Burning Mentally Ill Prisoner

Twenty days after the incident in April, 2021, the Sheriff’s department submitted the case to the county’s ...

Architects Question Whether Building “More Humane” Prisons is Possible

by Daniel A. Rosen

Does more fresh air, sunlight, and space for rehabilitative programs mean a prison or jail is more humane? That’s the question many architects are struggling with as expensive new facilities are built around the country.

Architecture and design may be able to play a key role ...

The Punishment Economy: Winners and Losers in the Business of Mass Incarceration

by Daniel A. Rosen

“This is an industry that profits from human suffering.”

—David Fathi, Director, ACLU’s
National Prison Project

Starting with math may be a bad idea, but numbers help tell this story: In Virginia, keeping the average prisoner behind bars costs taxpayers about $30,000 per year; in some ...

ICE Holding Cuban Detainee for 11 Years and Counting Following Florida Prison Release