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Articles by Daniel A. Rosen

Architects Question Whether Building “More Humane” Prisons is Possible

by Daniel A. Rosen

Does more fresh air, sunlight, and space for rehabilitative programs mean a prison or jail is more humane? That’s the question many architects are struggling with as expensive new facilities are built around the country.

Architecture and design may be able to play a key role ...

The Punishment Economy: Winners and Losers in the Business of Mass Incarceration

by Daniel A. Rosen

“This is an industry that profits from human suffering.”

—David Fathi, Director, ACLU’s
National Prison Project

Starting with math may be a bad idea, but numbers help tell this story: In Virginia, keeping the average prisoner behind bars costs taxpayers about $30,000 per year; in some ...

ICE Holding Cuban Detainee for 11 Years and Counting Following Florida Prison Release

Massachusetts Uses Medical Parole to Avoid In-Custody Deaths From COVID-19

Music Project Brings Prisoners’ Stories to Life in Song

The Long Time Gone album was released ...

Medical Copays for Prisoners Suspended in Several States Due to COVID-19

Most states ...

Florida Jail Administrators Fired After Woman Gives Birth in Cell

Virginia Settles Two Lawsuits Over Misuse of Solitary Confinement

Taken together, the payouts cost the state’s taxpayers over $250,000. At a time when Virginia’s General Assembly made progress on other justice issues — abolishing the death penalty, legalizing marijuana and restoring felon voting ...

Alabama Jails and Prisoners Swamped With COVID-Related Problems

For weeks, Dylan Garrard fell asleep on a thin foam mat on the floor of his jail cell, next to a toilet. ...

Hundreds of Virginia Inmates Await Parole Consideration Under New Law