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Articles by David Gilbert

Live From Death Row

by Mumia Abu-Jamal

(Review by David Gilbert)

"Perhaps we can shrug off and shred some of the dangerous myths laid on our minds like a second skin--such as ... the 'right[s]' to a fair trial even. They're not rights -- they're privileges of the powerful and rich .... Don't expect ...

Alert: Danger in Using Bleach to Clean Needles

The standard method to clean injection drug equipment that has been widely promoted turns out NOT to work. The three squirts in and out with household bleach (10% solution) followed by three squirts in and out with water looked promising in the laboratory. But now results have come back from ...

TB Alert

By David Gilbert

Tuberculosis (TB) is the leading infectious killer in the world. Long considered conquered in the industrialized nations, TB is now making a comeback in the U.S. Prison is one danger zone for this disease which can be spread by airborne bacteria. In recent mass screenings (with the ...

The Global Prison (Book Review)

The Human Rights Watch Global report On Prisons

Edited by Aryeh Neier 303 pp. 1993. New York: Human Rights Watch. $20.00 (pb).

Review by David Gilbert

The Brazilian Military Police's wanton murder of 111 prisoners involved in a disturbance is just one of the grim realities presented in The Human ...

Thinking About Women

By David Gilbert

On the streets I had women on my mind all the time, but that was nothing compared to being in prison. On many nights I lie in my cell just thinking about women - missing loved ones, remembering times together, and dreaming about the future. A big ...