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Articles by David Reutter

Essay: What Spurred the Rise in Mass Solitary Confinement

CoreCivic Faces Liability for Wiretap Act Violations in Nevada Case

The court’s October 27, 2020, opinion was issued ...

Sixth Circuit Orders Michigan District Court to Review Prisoner’s Plea for Compassionate Release

The court’s October ...

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Prisoners Can Challenge Deductions Taken From Their Accounts

The court’s October 1, 2020, opinion was issued in an appeal brought by prisoner Aquil Johnson, who sought a refund of monies ...

Second Circuit Court of Appeals Partly Overturns New York District Court, Allows Prisoner’s PREA Violations Claims to Proceed

California Loses Round in Legal Fight to Deny Parole Based on Gang Affiliation

Federal Judge Slaps ICE, GEO Group Over “Abominable Performance” and Officials Who Lied During Testimony

$1.1 Million Settlement in Kentucky Jail Sex Abuse Suit

The women’s lawsuit alleged that between February 1, 2018, and August 20, 2018, Perry “harassed, assaulted, abused, and sexually ...

Experts Find “Deplorable” Conditions at Mississippi’s Parchman Prison

$4.65 Million Settlement for Florida Female Prisoner Left Quadriplegic After Brutal Beating by Guards