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Articles by David Reutter

California Loses Round in Legal Fight to Deny Parole Based on Gang Affiliation

Federal Judge Slaps ICE, GEO Group Over “Abominable Performance” and Officials Who Lied During Testimony

$1.1 Million Settlement in Kentucky Jail Sex Abuse Suit

The women’s lawsuit alleged that between February 1, 2018, and August 20, 2018, Perry “harassed, assaulted, abused, and sexually ...

Experts Find “Deplorable” Conditions at Mississippi’s Parchman Prison

$4.65 Million Settlement for Florida Female Prisoner Left Quadriplegic After Brutal Beating by Guards

Sixth Circuit Affirms Tennessee DOC’s Hepatitis C Treatment Due to Lack of Funds

The district court’s judgment was entered after a four-day ...

Sixth Circuit Grants Qualified Immunity to Sheriff in Tennessee Prisoner’s Assault Case

Zachery Beck was assaulted ...

California: Prisoner-Run Journalism Thrives with San Quentin News, Ear Hustle

When The Prison Mirror was founded in 1887 at Stillwater Prison in Minnesota, newspapers were commonplace in prisons. The Prison ...

Charges Finally Announced 32 Months After South Carolina Prison Riot

by David M. Reutter

Shortly after the deadliest prison riot in 25 years, officials launched an investigation into the events surrounding the April 25, 2018, incident at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional Institution (LCI). After more than two and a half years and at least $190,000 spent on a special investigation, ...

Alabama Court Allows Lawsuit Over Indigent Traffic Offenders Jailed for Not Paying Fines