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Articles by Jayson Hawkins

Virginia Votes to Abolish Death Penalty

Sen. Warren Investigation Exposes Broken Prison Accreditation System

Prisoners Released Without COVID Tests Face Difficult Reentry

Trump Pardons Highlight System’s Flaws

Guard Commits Suicide Amidst Allegations in Federal Prison

Joe Rojas, a spokesperson for the AFGE Council of Prisons union, said Tippett had been under investigation due to an inmate ...

Microsoft Invests in Digital Incarceration

Texas Prisons Close Amid Pandemic

TDCJ said the latter two were expected to be temporary ...

Report: Massachusetts Prisons Continue to Fail on Mental Health Care

Investigators cited hundreds of instances of MDOC employees failing to prevent suicide or other self-harm among prisoners who had been designated for ...

Audits Reveals Problems With Privatized Food Service at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County Jail

by Jayson Hawkins

Two audits released July 20, 2020 revealed a series of shortcomings by a food service contractor tasked with providing meals to juvenile detainees and in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County.

Florida-based contractor Trinity Services Group was paid $3.5 million to provide three meals a day to prisoners at the ...

Greedo Still Influencing From Texas Prison