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Articles by JD Enquist

Suit Being Filed Over CBCC Conditions

On April 1, 1992, Troy Talbot, a prisoner here at the Clallam Bay IMU [Intensive Management Unit], was taken to the shower handcuffed and on a doggie leash. Prison guards had left the supply closet in the shower unlocked and Troy got hold of the fire hose and hosed down ...

Prisoners' 1983 Suits

J. D. Enquist

This is part two of the article Prisoners' 1983. It will be written from a somewhat different slant; your due process rights as protected by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Prison employees are taught that in order to be effective they must view all prisoners as dangerous, scheming, conniving ...

Prisoners' 1983


BY J.D. Enquist

Ask what the most common lawsuit filed by prisoners is and instinctively the answer will be the "Prisoners' 1983."

The section 1983 is the result of the Civil Rights Act of 1871. The statute was originally enacted by Congress under Section 5 of the Fourteenth ...


By: J. D. Enquist

It seems that there are increasingly more and more prisoner litigants and many of them becoming jailhouse lawyers. Or as it has been suggested, In-house Legal Consultants or Prisoners Legal consultants. The latter being of no importance, this article is focused on the new prisoner litigants ...