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Articles by Jeffrey Steinborn

Supreme Court Closes Double Jeopardy Door

"Counsel, are you trying to show contempt for this court?"

"No, your honor, I'm doing my best to conceal it."

-- Attributed to Clarence Darrow in the Scopes "Monkey Trial"

He had a point. Some days it's tough to conceal it. What should we feel about a court that doesn't ...

Civil Forfeiture and Criminal Prosecution as Double Jeopardy

They did it. That's right- your Government did it. Having been warned by their lawyers of the constitutional defects (and inherent unfairness) in their policy of impoverishing a drug defendant through civil forfeiture, then prosecuting him or her with a criminal indictment for the same conduct they went ahead and ...

Forfeiture and Double Jeopardy

This new book, of the same title, by attorneys Brenda Grantland, Jeffrey Steinborn and Reba Weiss is subtitled "How to turn prosecutorial overreaching into release of prisoners or return of seized property." The Attorneys are experts in the field of forfeiture law and have argued several prominent cases on this ...