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Articles by Jo Ellen Nott

Alabama Guards Still Harming Prisoners, Overcrowding Set to Increase as Governor Slashes “Good Time”

by Jo Ellen Nott and Chuck Sharman

Long notorious for harsh prison conditions, Alabama’s Department of Corrections (DOC) shows no signs of remediating them despite not one but two suits by the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) for violating the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights of state prisoners.

In the ...

Protest Damages Massachusetts Jail that Sheriff Wants to Update

by Jo Ellen Nott

On April 21, 2023, about 75-80 detainees staged a protest against their move inside Massachusetts’ Bristol County House of Correction. The move was to allow renovations to make their cells suicide resistant. Among their grievances was the high cost of items in the jail commissary, the ...

Four Month Prison Term for BOP Compliance Monitor in Miami Who Sexually Abused Prisoner on His Case Load

by Jo Ellen Nott

On April 14, 2023, U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola sentenced a federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) site supervisor in Miami to four months in prison followed by a year of supervised release, after accepting his guilty plea to one count of abusive sexual contact against ...

Fifth BOP Staff Conviction and Sixth Arrest in California Prison ‘Rape Club’

by Jo Ellen Nott

Sexually abusive guards and their former warden are falling like dominoes as prisoners brave retaliation to report sexual abuse at the Federal Correction Institute (FCI) in Dublin, the federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) lockup in California now known as the “Rape Club.”

Six staffers have been ...

Fifth Detainee Dies in 2023 at California’s Santa Rita Jail

by Jo Ellen Nott

A homeless man who lived behind a Kohl’s Department Store in Livermore, California, become the fifth detainee to die this year in Alameda County’s Santa Rita Jail (SRJ). Eric Magana, 26, committed suicide by “consuming a profuse amount of water” in his cell on April 27, ...

Ohio Prisoner Escapes in Dumpster, Drowns River

by Jo Ellen Nott

An escapee from Ohio’s Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution in Lima was able to get almost 300 miles away by first hiding in a dumpster then fleeing in a stolen car. His escape ended badly then – his corpse was found floating face down in the Ohio ...

Millionaire Florida Child Porn Convict’s Escape Thwarted

by Jo Ellen Nott

April 12, 2023, would have been Independence Day for Florida millionaire and child porn collector John Manchec – if only someone had not ratted him out, according to Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers.

Manchec, 78, had previously fled the U.S. to France in 2014 to ...

Detainee Dies After Two Days in Florida Jail Where Armor Correctional Allegedly Denied Heart Transplant Rejection Meds

by Jo Ellen Nott

Dexter Barry, 54, waited 12 years to receive a new heart. He even moved to Jacksonville to receive the life-saving transplant in 2020. In just two days in late November 2022, however, a stay in the Duval County Jail (DCJ) undid the miraculous $4-million surgery when ...

Detainee Tunnels Through Walls of Decrepit Atlanta Jail to Stab Fellow Detainee

by Jo Ellen Nott

The question must be asked: How did one detainee dig a tunnel to another’s cell – via a shower area, no less – to attack him? Did no guard notice an impromptu construction project was happening on his or her watch? Happen it did though, at ...

Migrant Child Dies in Customs and Border Patrol Custody Nine Days after Entering U.S.

by Jo Ellen Nott

Amid a record-breaking surge of migrants at the southern U.S. border, eight-year-old Anadith Tanay Reyes Álvarez, a medically fragile Honduran child, died in a hospital near Harlingen Station in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley on May 17, 2023,

The day after her family crossed the border at ...