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Articles by Kevin Bliss

Former BOP Director Norman Carlson, Who Developed Supermax Model, Dies at 86

Carlson grew up in Sioux City, Iowa where he summered with a local ...

ICE Refused Help in Containing Coronavirus in New Mexico Detention Centers

COVID-19: The Politics of Prisoner Vaccination

Urban Redo: Lorton, Virginia Prison Recreated as Liberty Village

COVID-19 Hits Fairfax, Virginia Juvenile Detention Center

Opioid Crisis in Canadian Prisons Needs to be Addressed

They point out that Canadian and international ...

Scottish Prisoners Issued Mobile Phones During Pandemic

The SPS introduced mobile phones into its prison system as a means ...

Private Health Care Services in County Jails Comes at High Price

Alabama Guards Accused of Excessive Use of Force, Hospitalizing One Prisoner and Injuring Another

Arkansas Governor Hutchinson Grants Commutation for Blind Mother

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson agreed to commute Willie Mae Harris’ sentence after 34 years in prison for accidentally shooting her abusive husband. She was released on June 5, 2020.

Harris, 72, from Bradley, Arkansas was charged with murder in 1985 after an argument with then-husband Clyde. She tried to beat ...