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Articles by Kevin Bliss

Oklahoma Prisoners Call for Better Nutrition

The ...

COVID-19 Pandemic Makes Job Hunting Especially Difficult for Ex-Offenders

Florida Senator Wants to Keep Ex-Prisoners from Earning the $15 Minimum Wage Increase

Brandes is a long-time GOP member who also has ...

Parnall Correctional Facility in Michigan Copes with Scabies Outbreak

MDOC ...

Experts Divided on Drug Court Effectiveness

The tough-on-crime policies that dominated the 1980s were soon ...

Vermont Prisoner’s Death Under Investigation: Did Implicit Bias Play Role?

Biden to Phase Out Privately-Run Federal Prisons; Critics Say Plan Too Timid

Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Florida Prisoner Accused of Assaulting Guard After Video Surfaces

Pay-to-Stay Fees Impoverish Prisoners, Increase Recidivism

Wisconsin Watch, a watchdog ...

ICE Detention Facility Deaths Now Highest Since 2005