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Articles by Kevin Bliss

Smart Communications Contract Reveals Plans for Expanding Privatized Prison Mail

NYC Department of Corrections Continued Noncompliance to Consent Decree and Spending Nearly Half A Million Dollars Per Prisoner in 2020

Minnesota Mothers to Receive More Bonding Time with Their Newborn Children

Potential Radioactive Exposure to Manatee County Jail Prisoners in Florida

Debunking the ‘Superpredator’ Myth

Report Suggests Lock ‘Em Up Mentality Counterproductive to Public Safety

by Kevin Bliss

The Sentencing Project of Washington, D.C. issued a report in May of 2021 titled “A Second Look at Injustice.” This report stated that the justice system should have goals of rehabilitation and redemption as well as conviction ...

Guard “Justified” in Shooting Death of Elderly Woman in Spokane County Jail Lobby

Jack King, Nancy’s nephew, told the Spokane-Review that Nancy King suffered from alcoholism and ...

After DOJ Finds Unconstitutional Conditions for Mentally Ill Prisoners in Solitary, Massachusetts Experiments with Monitoring Gadget

Six months after the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a highly critical report accusing the Massachusetts Department of Corrections (MADOC) of violating the constitutional rights of mentally ill prisoners by holding them in isolation too long, the agency has not made conditions any less ...

Law Review States Prisons Better Off With Public Health Care Rather than Private

Micaela Gelman, professor of New York University School of Law, penned the article, Mismanaged Care: Exploring ...

North Carolina Prisons Underreport COVID Related Deaths

Billy Bingham, a ...

Law Passes Requiring Parents in New York Prisons to be Housed Close to Their Children