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Articles by Edward Lyon

Illinois Prisoner Loses Medical Indifference and Malpractice Claims

by Ed Lyon

 On September 16, 2019, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuitissued an opinion affirming a district court’s summary judgment against Dennis Davis on his medical indifference and malpractice suit against prison doctor Francis Kayira.

Davis is in poor general health and requires dialysis regularly. He ...

Illinois DOC Interferes with Prisoners’ College Program by Removing Books

by Ed Lyon

For over a decade, the Education Justice Program (EJP), an extension of the University of Illinois, has taught classes at the Danville Correctional Center (DCC), a facility in the east-central part of the state run by the Illinois Department of Corrections (DOC). Core classes in subjects like ...

Second Circuit: Discharge Health Plan Part of In-Custody Mental Health Treatment When Pretrial Detainees Released

by Ed Lyon

In what it called “a legal question of first impression” within its jurisdiction, on May 24, 2019 the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the lack of a discharge plan to obtain medication and treatment for mental health care after a detainee is released from custody ...

New York State Prisoner Wins Medical Malpractice Suit, Awarded $30,000

by Ed Lyon

On April 15, 2019, a New York Court of Claims awarded prisoner Dain Morawski a total of $30,000 for pain and suffering caused by an overdose of incorrectly filled prescription medication. The judgment followed a four-day bench trial in which the defendants and medical experts presented ...

Former Hawaii Prisoner’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit Settles for Paltry $10,000

by Ed Lyon

Christina C. Riley was a model prisoner at the Maui Community Correctional Center in Hawaii, and thus was allowed to participate in a work-release program. Parking her car at the jail, she left for work in the mornings and returned afterward to the lock-up. MCCC guard James ...

California County Settles Jail Death for $300,000

by Ed Lyon

On February 10, 2015, Alexander Jeffrey Sutherland was arrested in Manteca, California and charged with public intoxication. The police took him to the San Joaquin County Jail (SJCJ).

After booking, Sutherland, 27, was placed in an isolated sobering cell, which required him to be monitored at 15-minute ...

Exploiting Prisoners on Prime Time

by Ed Lyon

It is, or should be, fairly common knowledge that most prisoners are disadvantaged, impoverished, often have substance abuse addictions or mental health issues, and have made poor life choices.

It would seem that this population has enough problems and thus should not be exploited. Alas, that has ...

San Francisco to Cut Costs for Jail Phone Calls, Commissary Sales

by Ed Lyon

San Francisco, California mayor London N. Breed has unique views regarding people who have become caught up in the criminal justice system. Her views extend to the families of prisoners and pretrial detainees, too.

Breed, unlike many U.S. politicians, grew up in public housing. Further, her ...

Vermont Supreme Court Remands Prison Correspondence Claim

by Ed Lyon

Vermont state prisoner Jeffrey-Michael Brandt won a correspondence claim through a Stipulation and Agreement of Dismissal (SAD) in a lawsuit filed in state court against the Vermont Department of Corrections (VDOC). The SAD allowed Brandt to correspond by mail with prisoners in states other than Vermont.

The ...

DNA: To Collect or Not to Collect?

by Ed Lyon

While media attention tends to focus on the use of DNA evidence to free wrongly convicted prisoners – the Innocence Project counts 365 such exonerations since the first in 1989 – far more DNA samples are collected from convicted offenders held in all 50 states and by ...