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Articles by Edward Lyon

California Female Prisoners Used as Honey Trap Bait for Rapist Guard

On April 29, 2021, Los Angeles attorney Jennifer A. Bandlow filed a federal civil rights lawsuit urging four causes of action on behalf of two unnamed female prisoners who suffered actual sexual assaults while acting as bait to catch prison guard Stephen Merrill sexually harassing them. They ...

The Killing Fields: Three Alabama State Prisoners Murdered in Five Days

by Ed Lyon

On May 8, 2021, 32-year-old prisoner Regial Ingram died at Alabama’s Bullock Correctional Facility. On May 6, 2021, 58-year-old prisoner Jody Potts died at Alabama’ s Limestone Correctional Facility. On May 4, 2021, 23-year-old Ian Rettig died at Alabama’ s Fountain Correctional Facility. Although the mortal week’s ...

Ohio County Executive and Underlings Under Investigation for Jail Corruption and Deaths

From a Picture Grew Thousands of Words

Thus ...

When Prisoners Die, Hawaii Keeps it Secret

Rural Citizens in North Carolina Resisting New Jail

by Ed Lyon


Haywood County, North Carolina is a conservative, rural political entity located in a mountainous region in the state’s west. Trump won his 2020 reelection bid there by 30 points with staunch republican Madison Cawthorn being sent to Congress as their federal representative. Heavily traditional values, law ...

Auditor Slams California ICE Facility That Released Detainees With COVID-19

Mentally Ill Alabama Prisoner Dies in 101-Degree Cell

Massachusetts Medical Parole Cases and COVID-19 Prisoner Deaths

Prison Overcrowding Continues During COVID-19 Pandemic