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Articles by Edward Lyon

Legislative Exemption Let Fired Alaska Cop Be Rehired as Jailer

Minnesota Man Out of Prison After Being Exonerated of Murder

by Ed Lyon

Javon Davis, aka James Lamar Davis, was talking to his girlfriend on the phone during the wee hours of April 12, 2014 as two men were gunned down while leaving their workplace at Target Field.

During what Hennepin County cops called an investigation, a statement was ...

Decline in South Dakota State Prisoners Not Due to COVID

Tennessee Juvenile Murderer’s Sentence Commuted

Louisiana’s COVID-19 Prisoner Furlough Panel Next to Useless

New Book on Art in the Age of Mass Incarceration

U.S. Prisons Originally Designed to Prevent Spread of Disease Become Breeding Ground During Pandemic

Tennessee Prisons “Naughty” List Shows Prison Staff Often Bring in Contraband

Investigators with the Tennessee Department of Corrections’ (TDOC) Office of Investigation & Conduct and Internal Affairs, working ...

North Carolina Case Involving Death of Black Prisoner: “I Can’t Breathe,” Revisited

Missouri Executes Prisoner During COVID-19 Crisis