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Articles by Leonard Feldman

Duffy v. Riveland: Some Comments Regarding the Court's January 20, 1998 Summary Judgment Ruling

By Leonard J. Feldman

On January 20, 1998, the district court in Duffy v. Riveland granted summary judgment on a state law claim presented by plaintiff Sean Duffy. The Court found that it had jurisdiction to address the claim, that the defendants--the Washington Department of Corrections and several high-ranking officers--had ...

Ninth Circuit Rules on Washington ADA Suit

[Editor's Note: Leonard Feldman is the Seattle attorney representing the plaintiff in the case discussed below.]

Sean Duffy, the plaintiff in Duffy v. Riveland, 1996 WL 583384 (9th Cir. October 11, 1996), is a prisoner at the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, Washington. Sean also is hearing-impaired. Although Sean can ...