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Articles by Marilyn Buck

Notes from the Unrepenitentiary: A Matter of the Past

In Charlottesville, Virginia, Mary Smith, a Black working class woman, got fired from her job at the University of Virginia Medical Center. So did eight other workers. They all had prior felony convictions. Ms. Smith's was for $200 of bad checks. Like four of those fired she had not hidden ...

Notes From the Unrepenitentiary: Whose Security?

Notes From The Unrepenitentiary: Whose Security?

by Marilyn Buck

Two children, both with mothers imprisoned at FCI Dublin, died within a two-week period. Both children were adolescent boys, aged 13 and 9, repectively. One of the children ran away from his abusive father's home. He froze to death sleeping in ...

Notes From the Unrepenitentiary: Transcending Hell

Notes From The Unrepenitentiary: Transcending Hell

By Marilyn Buck

Nuh Albert Washington was a friend, brother and comrade to me and many others. He died this Spring. He was a Black Panther, a Muslim and a soldier of the revolutionary Black Liberation Army. He was a political prisoner, a hostage ...

Notes from the Unrepenitentiary

Thinking About Dying and Living at the End of the 2nd Western World Millennium

by Marilyn Buck

Because I'm a Federal prisoner in California, I hear more about what goes on in California state prisons than in other states. Fortunately there exists a progressive, growing prisoner support movement with numerous ...