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Articles by Mark Cook

Washington Earned Early Release Credits Create Due Process Liberty Interests

The Washington State Court of Appeals, Division One, has held that: (1) a prisoner's right to community custody placement created limited due process liberty interests, but (2) delay did not violate prisoner's due process rights.

Matthew S. Crowder, a Washington prisoner, was convicted of two counts of third degree rape ...

Counsel Awarded High EAJA Fee Despite Contingency Fee in BOP Rape Suit

Counsel Awarded High EAJA Fee Despite Contingency Fee in BOP Rape suit

By Mark Cook

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California held: (1) prisoners' action was not one sounding in tort, so an attorney fee award was not barred by sovereign immunity; (2) fact that attorneys ...

Death Blossoms

Review by Mark Cook

Mumia Abu Jamal's Death Blossoms walks the reader through a hallway of mirrors reflecting the thoughts of a prisoner of conscience contending with the oppressive diversion of a death sentence. Death Blossoms evades the State's attempt to silence him. In an effort to silence him the ...

Letter From Mark Cook

by Comrade Mark

I appreciate the political support folks want to give regarding my case and will compliment it whenever I can. I will mostly focus on the legal aspect and do the major portion of that work with the attorneys. As of this date I have still not received ...

How to Win Disciplinary Hearings (Book Review)

How To Win Disciplinary Hearings (Book Review)

Reviewed by Mark Cook

HTW is a manual for federal prisoners written by former federal prisoner Allan Parmelee. This gives the manual integrity from the git go but keep in mind that the undercurrent directions of how to beat a valid "shot" (rule ...

Prisoners Are Entitled to Recovery For Underpayment of Wages

Prisoners Are Entitled To Recovery For Underpayment Of Wages

By Mark Cook, Leavenworth, Kansas

There are over one Million prisoners in the United States, yet we are not counted as part of the US statistical labor force. It is in the interest of those politicians in office who claim their ...