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Articles by Mark LaRue

Tread Carefully With Sex Offenders

Tread Carefully with Sex Offenders

By Mark LaRue

I have followed Ed Meads' series on the sex offenders and I'd like to respond by offering critical support for what he has said. By that, I mean to say, I see no reason for sex offenders to be locked away in ...

Walls Gets "Special Needs Unit"

By Mark LaRue

With increasing numbers of mentally ill people being sent to prison here in Washington, prison officials finally decided that something must be done to treat their particular needs here at the Penitentiary.

Dubbed a "Special Needs Unit" in a local paper, administrators have made plans to house ...

Death Row Abolished

By Mark LaRue

For several months it was rumored that death row was being closed down and everyone with a death sentence was being moved to the other tiers in IMU or 5 Wing [protective custody, editor]. No one believed the rumors of course. So it came as a real ...

Mental Cases Warehoused in IMU

Mental Cases Warehoused In IMU

By Mark LaRue

You would not believe how they are running the Intensive Management Unit (IMU) here at Walla Walla. The tier I am on is filled with nuts who loud talk day and night. Mental health staff openly admit that these people are housed ...