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Articles by Mark Wilson

California Prison Factories Fined For Exposing Unwitting Workers to COVID-19

"Conservative New York County Enacts Progressive Transgender Prisoner Policy"

The ...

Democrat Controlled Legislature Introduces Two Bills to Abolish Oregon’s 164-Year Old Felon Disenfranchisement Law

by Mark Wilson

“Individuals who commit crimes need to be held accountable, but they should not be stripped of their rights as a citizen,” said Oregon state Senator Floyd Prozanski, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose committee is considering one of two bills to eliminate Oregon’s 164-year prohibition on ...

Oregon Prison Staff Said to Contribute to High Prisoner COVID-19 Infection, Death Rates

by Mark Wilson


With 3,392 (28.1%) of 12,073 prisoners infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) and 42 prisoner deaths - 20 deaths occurring in January 2021 alone — Oregon prisoners are being infected at nearly 10 times higher than Oregon’s 3.1% general public infection rate and they are dying at a ...

Federal Judge Orders COVID-19 Vaccinations for 12,000-Plus Oregon Prisoners

by Mark Wilson


“Our constitutional rights are not suspended during a crisis. On the contrary, during difficult times we must remain the most vigilant to protect the constitutional rights of the powerless,” declared U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie F. Beckerman in issuing a preliminary injunction, directing Oregon prison officials to ...

Nearly Killed by Dehumanizing Culture of Indifference, Oregon Prisoner Sues for $975,000

Mentally Ill Oregon Prisoner’s “Needless & Preventable” Death From Flu Complications Nets Record $3 Million Settlement

As Prisoners Die, Washington Officials Resist Reform

After $625,000 Settlement, Oregon Deputy Charged in Assault of Prisoner

No Summary Judgment on Oregon Prisoner’s Retaliatory Termination Claim